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June 2015

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Hungarian riot police and asylum seekers in the Debrecen refugee camp | Zsolt Czeglédi / MTI

Religious dispute leads to refugee riot

Jun 29, 2015

Fighting broke out between asylum seekers over a religious dispute at a refugee camp in Debrecen, eastern Hungary. Riot police had to be called in and they fired tear gas to calm people down and push them back into the camp.

'National Tobacco Shop' in Hungary | Dávid Harangozó

EU to investigate Hungarian tobacco cronyism

Jun 26, 2015

Nowhere in Europe is it this conspicuous that only those with good relations with the government can sell tobacco products. Hungary could be subjected to a commitment procedure in the near future, quotes a Hungarian blog.

Johann Marx | Dávid Harangozó

Cooperation for the benefit of Africa

Jun 25, 2015

In an extensive interview for Diplomacy & Trade's Africa Focus, the South African Ambassador to Hungary, Johann Marx talks about the development of bilateral political, economic and cultural relations, highlighting the opportunities in bilteral cooperation.

Refugees at the Risza river near Szeged | Zoltán Gergely Kelemen / MTI

Hungarian gov't suspends EU asylum rule

Jun 23, 2015

The Hungarian government decided to suspend the the application of Regulation (EU) No 604/2013/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council (Dublin III), which requires an EU country to take back refugees who have travelled from it to another EU country.

Installing Munkácsy's 'Golgotha' in the museum of Debrecen |

Golgotha painting owner receives 'warnings'

Jun 19, 2015

Atrs collector Imre Pákh, the owner of the 'Golgotha' painting the Hungarian state would like to purchase from him says he has received several 'warnings' that he may be barred from the entering Hungary if he does not concede to the state's price offer.

A so-called National Tobacco Shop in Hungary |

Government nationalizes tobacco product wholesaling

Jun 18, 2015

As of November 1 this year, only two companies will be allowed to sell tobacco products directly to Hungary’s national tobacco shops. says the new legislation practically squeezes out all other players and wholesalers from this market.

What's left of the Iron Curtain near Sopron

Hungarian gov't to build new 'iron curtain'

Jun 17, 2015

The Hungarian government has instructed Minister of the Interior Sándor Pintér to prepare for the closure of the Hungarian-Serbian border by next Wednesday; this will be achieved by erecting a four-meter-high fence to keep illegal immigrants out.

| Can Stock Photo Inc./Eyesee10

Hungarian migrants send home USD 4.5 bn a year

Jun 16, 2015

A recent report suggests that the typical amount sent by migrant workers back to their home country ranges from USD 1,500 to USD 3,200 annually. In 2014, Hungarians transferred to their families back home some USD 4.5 billion.

| D&T archives

State monopoly on the Hungarian household gas market

Jun 15, 2015

The last private gas provider for residential consumers on the Hungarian market, Tigáz has given up its household gas provision business. Recently three other large providers did the same after accumulating heavy losses due to government decrees.

Judit Polgár named manager of Hungarian men's national chess team | source:

Judit Polgár named manager of Hungary's chess team

Jun 12, 2015

The most successful female chess player of all times, Judit Polgár, a two times Chess Olympiad winner, has unanimously been appointed by the presidium of the Hungarian Chess Federation as the manager of the country's men's national team.

At the presentation (from left to right)

Belgian Business Club in Hungary

Jun 11, 2015

The Belgian Business Club in Hungary Association (Belgabiz) was officially presented on Thursday in Budapest, aiming to provide information-gathering services for companies interested in the development of Hungarian-Belgian economic relations.

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