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CIB Group: 2023 Financial Year with Record Profit

Sándor Laczkó
Mar 26, 2024

CIB Group closed the 2023 financial year with record profits, with profit after tax reaching HUF 63.9 billion, up nearly 80% year-on-year, the financial institution told MTI on Tuesday. As the statement highlights, CIB Group's net operating income amounted to HUF 169.6 billion, up from HUF 135.6 billion in the previous year, while profit before […]

Parliamentary Diplomacy

Sándor Laczkó
Jun 2, 2023

Heading a delegation, the Speaker of the House of Representatives of Malta, Dr. Angelo Farrugia has paid a recent visit to Budapest this April. Diplomacy&Trade has caught up with him to discuss bilateral and European issues like economic relations, parliamentary diplomacy or the tackling of migration. The delegation of the Maltese House of Representatives arrived […]

Reduce Your Costs with Green Energy!

Sándor Laczkó
Mar 11, 2023

Since its foundation in late 2017, Napelem Szerelő Kft. [Solar Panel Installer Ltd.] of Szeged in SE Hungary has been helping to supply the Hungarian market with green energy with a steadily increasing performance, managing numerous subcontractors. The company, as Managing Director Rudolf Mészáros tells Diplomacy&Trade, is now expanding to Austria, where it will continue […]

UBM Holding Plans to Achieve HUF 350 Billion in Sales

Sándor Laczkó
Mar 9, 2023

Feed producer UBM Holding has set a strategy to reach HUF 350 billion in sales by the end of 2025, based on the fact that the focus of livestock farming will gradually shift from Western Europe to Central and Eastern Europe, thus increasing the demand for quality feeds, the company announced at a press conference […]

Developing the Brand ‘Holidays in Austria’

Sándor Laczkó
Mar 9, 2023

Österreich Werbung (ÖW), the Austrian National Tourist Office, is Austria's national tourism marketing organization supported by the country's Federal Ministry of Labor and Economics and the Austrian Chamber of Commerce. The figures available from 2021 (still a pandemic year) show that Austria welcomed 22.1 million guests (including 12.7 million international tourists), who spent 79.6 million […]

A Training Center for the Future

Sándor Laczkó
Mar 7, 2023

Hungary’s largest motor vehicles importer, Porsche Hungaria opened an Innovation and Training Center (ITC), located just outside Budapest, last October. With a huge automotive training and transfer capacity, the center – considered by experts to be an outstanding educational facility on an international level – welcomes technical and sales professionals from all over the country […]

Cultural Dialogue with Hungary

Sándor Laczkó
Mar 3, 2023

The Austrian Cultural Forum Budapest (Österreichisches Kulturforum Budapest – ÖKF), one of 30 Cultural Forums worldwide by Austria's Federal Ministry for European and International Affairs, looks back at a history of 45 years. The Director of the institute, Christian Autengruber tells Diplomacy&Trade about the tasks they performed and the services they provide in Hungary. Regarding […]

A Platform for Cooperation in the Region

Sándor Laczkó
Feb 27, 2023

ADVANTAGE AUSTRIA is the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber's external trade agency in charge of trade development and Austria's largest provider of foreign trade services. The new head of the organization’s office in the Hungarian capital, Philipp Schramel tells Diplomacy&Trade about the tasks performed – and services provided – by the Budapest office. “We have three […]

Good Neighborly Relations and Cooperation

Sándor Laczkó
Feb 24, 2023

Austria is Hungary's second most important trading partner in terms of trade volume and the third largest investor in Hungary. As the Austrian Ambassador to Hungary, Alexander Grubmayr highlights to Diplomacy&Trade, bilateral political relations mainly focus on European and cross-border cooperation. He also talks about neutrality as a fundamental element in Austria's foreign policy ever […]

A Center of Research Excellence and Healthcare

Sándor Laczkó
Jan 8, 2023

For the first time, a Hungarian university has been ranked in the top 250 of the Times Higher Education (THE) world rankings. The Budapest-based Semmelweis University has improved 41 places on last year's result and is now ranked in the top 250 in the latest world rankings. Semmelweis University announced that it had moved up […]

Customer Focus Above All

Sándor Laczkó
Jan 6, 2023

B+N Referencia Zrt. has a history of almost three decades and has grown into Hungary's leading facilities management company. For years, it has been consistently featured in the ranking of the 500 Hungarian companies with the highest turnover. The Chief Executive Officer of the company, Ferenc Kis-Szölgyémi tells Diplomacy&Trade about the company’s development, their tailored […]

Future FM, the Solution Provider

Sándor Laczkó
Jan 4, 2023

The 100% Hungarian-owned Future FM Facility Management Corporation provides full-ranging facility management services all over the country. Since 1991, their scope of activity has gradually increased in accordance with the changing demand of the market and their customers. As the CEO of the company, Zoltán Mikó explains to Diplomacy&Trade, the facility management market itself is […]

In Strategic Partnership with the Client

Sándor Laczkó
Jan 2, 2023

Celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2023, Dome Facility Services Group has been providing comprehensive, integrated facility management (FM) services to the Hungarian real estate market while adhering to its proven values. Characterizing the domestic FM market and Dome’s role in it, Gábor Décsi MRICS, Managing Partner at Dome Group, highlights to Diplomacy&Trade that “in the […]

An Essential Support Service

Sándor Laczkó
Dec 31, 2022

Facility management is one of the most important sectors of the Hungarian economy. The umbrella association of this profession in Hungary works on tackling the challenges of our times and on raising the overall standard in this industry. As the President of the National Association of Facility Management, Building Operation and Maintenance Service Providers (LEO […]

A Powerful Combination of Craft and Insight

Sándor Laczkó
Dec 20, 2022

The Kempinski Hotel Corvinus Budapest has appointed Ádám Lévay, a professional with extensive international experience, as the hotel's new Executive Chef. According to the hotel, “mastering his profession, stewardship and management at several iconic hotels around the world, Ádám brings a powerful combination of craft and insight to Kempinski Corvinus.” Ádám Lévay started his career […]

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