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A Reference Hub in Gastroenterology

Sándor Laczkó
May 5, 2021

The Affidea Gastroenterology Center in downtown Budapest awaits patients with the continent’s most modern diagnostic equipment, the excellence of the national gastroenterology profession – trained experts with many years of experience – and a pleasant environment. The number of newly discovered cancers dropped significantly in 2020 since the start of the pandemic, presumably due to […]

For a Healthy Partnership

Sándor Laczkó
May 3, 2021

The PRIMUS Private Healthcare Providers Association was established in March 2017 by twelve key members of the domestic private healthcare sector with the intention of promoting the emergence of an ethically functioning, private healthcare sector that fully complies with patient safety requirements. “When PRIMUS was established, our primary objectives were to clean up the sector,” […]

Dreher: An Exemplary History

Sándor Laczkó
Apr 22, 2021

Antal Dreher’s legacy over the past 166 years shows the spirit of a company that is always renewable and mindful of sustainability. The family company, the brand, the factory survived the crises of the 20th century. The large-scale brewery in Kőbánya (Budapest’s District 10) is one of the largest and best-known companies in Hungary today, […]

Reliability, Experience, Expertise, Elegance, Quality

Sándor Laczkó
Apr 15, 2021

Törley Sparkling Wine Cellar can look back on a history of almost one and a half centuries. The company is not only the owner of a well-known historical Hungarian brand, but also enjoys a wide international reputation. Today, the company produces its quality wines and sparkling wines in its original factory as well as in […]

Zwack: Tradition and Innovation

Sándor Laczkó
Apr 14, 2021

Zwack is not only one of the most well-known Hungarian brands, but also one with a history of over two centuries, of which the last nearly 130 years have been associated with Hungary. Chairman of the Board of Directors at Zwack Unicum Plc., Sándor Zwack, explains how this great past of the company is cherished […]

For a Low-Carbon Circular Economy in Central Europe

Sándor Laczkó
Apr 13, 2021

The Hungarian oil and gas company MOL is not only one of the best-known Hungarian brands, but has been expanding in the region for a good quarter of a century, followed by the acquisition of positions in Asia and a role in the North Sea. Keeping up with the times, the company diversifies its operations […]

HELL: A Devilish Hungarian Drink for the World

Sándor Laczkó
Apr 12, 2021

One of the world’s fastest-growing beverage brands puts the capabilities of Hungary’s manufacturing in the international spotlight: HELL ENERGY. As of this February 1, its XIXO carbonated soft drinks are packaged solely in 100% recyclable aluminum cans, which can be recycled an infinite number of times. Established 15 years ago, family-owned HELL ENERGY has achieved […]

Building on the Values of the Glorious Past

Sándor Laczkó
Apr 9, 2021

Hungary’s internationally renowned lighting company Tungsram celebrates the 125th anniversary of its foundation this year. Its President & CEO Joerg Bauer tells Diplomacy&Trade about the firm, the brand and how this history was intertwined with that of Hungary. “We have been very much looking forward to celebrating this anniversary. Under the present circumstances, we will […]

The Construction Business is a Matter of Trust

Sándor Laczkó
Apr 8, 2021

Market Építő Plc. that celebrates its 25th anniversary this year has become the leading high-rise construction company in Hungary. The company, which attaches importance to the application of innovative solutions and the comprehensive use of quality, health and safety and energy management systems, also earned the title of ‘Construction Company of the Year’ in 2019. […]

Hungarian as a Brand

Sándor Laczkó
Apr 7, 2021

Companies and brands like Tungsram, MOL or OTP have long been known internationally. As to how much these and other similar firms have enhanced the image of the ‘Hungarian’ brand, Diplomacy&Trade talks to the State Secretary for Financial Affairs at the Hungarian Ministry of Finance, Gábor Gion who also shares his thoughts on the Hungarian […]

Connecting Interested Parties for Dialogue

Sándor Laczkó
Mar 6, 2021

The Friedrich Ebert Stiftung (FES), the oldest political foundation in Germany, has been represented in Budapest since 1990. Its goal in Hungary is to promote political dialogue between Hungary and Germany as well as member states, the exchange of analysis, views and concepts. As the leadership of the Foundation tells Diplomacy&Trade, when the Friedrich Ebert […]

Working in a Trusting and Comprehensive Manner

Sándor Laczkó
Mar 5, 2021

The Konrad-Adenauer-Stiftung (KAS), a German foundation that has over 110 offices worldwide, has been in Hungary for more than three decades. The Foundation was established some 60 years ago to promote democratic development in Germany. It stands close to the Christian Democratic Union of Germany (CDU) and is governed by Christian values. Its guiding principles […]

Counting on the German Investment Community

Sándor Laczkó
Mar 3, 2021

Germany is Hungary’s most important economic partner, the Hungarian economy highly relies on the ‘well-being’ of the German one. The CEO of the Hungarian Investment Promotion Agency (HIPA), Róbert Ésik explains to Diplomacy&Trade his agency’s role in attracting and maintaining German investment in this country. “From the foreign direct investment (FDI) point of view, Germany […]

Where Students Get Ready for Tomorrow's Challenges

Sándor Laczkó
Mar 2, 2021

In this semester, the Budapest Campus of the 111-year-old ESSCA School of Management welcomed 268 students from 15 different nationalities. They, as well as the institution, have to cope with restrictions and safety measures put in place due the new coronavirus epidemic. At the Budapest Campus of the ESSCA School of Management, the state-of-the-art facilities […]

An Eternal Experience

Sándor Laczkó
Jan 30, 2021

The sixth season of Virtuosos, a unique international classical music talent show of Hungarian origin, concluded this past December. For the first time, it was named ‘Virtuosos V4+’, looking not just for a young Hungarian talent, but also from the other countries of the Visegrád Four (Poland, Slovakia, the Czech Republic) and Serbia. The Hungarian […]

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