Government-ordered shopping ban costs thousands of jobs in Hungary |

Sunday shopping ban results in over 2,000 jobs lost

June 22, 2015

Hungary’s no-work Sunday law cost more than 2,000 people their jobs in commerce by the end of April 2015, the country's Central Statistical Office (KSH) data suggest. Additionally, the number of overtime hours rose to five-year highs.

Representatives of the ruling party Fidesz and its small satellite partner Christian Democrats banned shopping in large-size retail shops in the country as of March 15 this year and the extension to the ban was supported by the radical right opposition party, Jobbik, as well. No impact study preceded the ban and the other opposition parties warned that the move would be leading to layoffs.

That is happened already, according to official statistical figures, The financial website reports that in retail and wholesale commerce, the number of employees dropped by 2,200 in April compared to February.

The Sunday shopping ban eradicated 2,400 jobs in retail trade only. This does not mean that there are no vacancies in certain stores but even if they hired people, they let go even more. Contrary to some opinions, it is not just the two main hypermarket chains that need to be monitored here, but the other stores, too.


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