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December 12, 2019

The joy of giving - FREYWILLE Charity Campaign for IGAZGYÖNGY foundation.

Glamorous paintings of the Children of the IGAZGYÖNGY Foundation were reborn on scarves by the Vienna-based jewelry maker FREYWILLE. The scarves will now directly support art education and creative self-expression of children in need.

“Children are taught to express their thoughts as much as possible through visual tools. Two out of three creations on the scarves feature a bird-like figure, which can be a symbol of protection, nature protection, tenderness and love. You can definitely sense the feeling of fun and security that children identify with a harmonious world in their imagination. That is according to Nóra L. Ritók, pedagogue and craftsman, head of the Hungarian IGAZGYÖNGY (Pearl) Foundation, who has run her internationally recognized fine arts workshop for 20 years.

The Ambassador of the Republic of Austria to Hungary, Elisabeth Ellison-Kramer is of the opinion that FREYWILLE's campaign is also outstanding in terms of Austro-Hungarian relations. “Bilateral relations between Austria and Hungary are intense and encompass many areas. FREYWILLE's charity partnership with the IGAZGYÖNGY Foundation serves as a good example that partnerships can be established at various levels. I find it extraordinary that FREYWILLE focuses on children using drawings from the Foundation's artistic training, giving them the opportunity to showcase their creativity on a wider scale. I am convinced that creativity and imagination play a key role in children's personality development. In addition, the activities of the IGAZGYÖNGY Foundation also provide opportunities for children in need through the development of social competence through artistic creation,” the Ambassador said.

Based on children's drawings, FREYWILLE made three limited edition Gavroche silk scarves available in their Budapest store. All the money from the sale of the scarves will be donated to the Foundation to support the organization's artwork and children's exemplary creative spirit.


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