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JYSK Store Managers Help Find 2,000 New Colleagues

Apr 28, 2021

Having reached the significant milestone of having 3,000 stores worldwide, JYSK, a Danish retail chain selling household goods such as mattresses, furniture and interior décor, has set itself the next target: 5,000 stores in total. This means that the store chain will soon need a lot of new store managers. A major Employer Branding campaign […]

Changing Consumer Habits in Hungary

Feb 28, 2021

As a result of the coronavirus epidemic, consumer habits have changed and the composition of the consumer basket has also changed, according to a new survey. A research conducted by Mónika Garai-Fodor, Dean of the Károly Keleti Faculty of Economics at the University of Óbuda and Ágnes Csiszárik-Kocsir, Deputy Dean for Research shows that the […]

New Currency in Hajdúnánás

Jan 30, 2021

Local currencies used in parallel with the Hungarian Forint (HUF) are the tools of rural settlements to stimulate the local economy, keep money in place and keep jobs. Perhaps the most successful example of this today is the Bocskai Crown (BK) from Hajdúnánás. The mayor of the northeastern Hungarian town, Tibor Szólláth told the business […]

Retail Sales Down Year-on-Year in Hungary

Nov 5, 2020

In September 2020, the volume of sales in retail shops decreased by 1.6% according to raw data and by 2.0% when adjusted for calendar effects compared to the same period of the previous year.  Providing the details, a fresh report by the Central Statistical Office says that the volume of sales, adjusted for calendar effects, […]

Auchan Hungary Wins Award

Sep 23, 2020

Auchan Hungary won this year's Commercial Award of Excellence for Hungarian Products, which has been one of the most prestigious awards in the industry for three years now. Each year, the award is given to the commercial company that does the most to promote domestic products. This year, according to the jury, Auchan was the […]

AutoWallis Chosen as Opel Importer to Hungary

Sep 16, 2020

Opel has chosen AutoWallis to be the importer of the iconic German brand in Hungary, enabling the Budapest Stock Exchange (BSE) listed group to continue increasing its revenue and new vehicle sales, in a further significant step towards realizing its strategic goals. An AutoWallis report on the BSE website says the decision follows a similar […]

Hungarians Search for Cheaper Used Cars

Jun 25, 2020

After a drastic decline in recent months, the number of searches for used cars in Hungary in June already exceed last year's results: the sudden increase in demand mainly affects second-hand cars cheaper than HUF 500,000. That is according to the statistics of the market leader Használtautó.hu (‘used car’). Reasons not only include the higher […]

Retail Shops Sales Falling

Jun 4, 2020

In April 2020, the volume of sales in retail shops, including mail order and internet retailing, according to both raw and calendar-adjusted data, decreased by 10.2% compared to the same period last year, the Central Statistical Office reports. Due to the epidemiological emergency, regulatory restrictions were introduced, which also affected retailing, with an impact on […]

Tesco Tops Retail Chain Ranking in Hungary

Jun 2, 2020

Although, Lidl increased its total gross turnover significantly in 2019, it is still behind Tesco in the ranking of retail chains in Hungary. Of the chains selling fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), Tesco was the first with HUF 740 billion in revenue, Lidl closed last year with 685 billion, SPAR was in third place with […]

More People to Order Food Online due to the Coronavirus Situation

Mar 17, 2020

More than a third of Internet users in Hungary would order online food because of the corona virus, which could double the number of people who shop online for their household, according to an online survey conducted by Reacty Digital between March 12 and 15, 2020. More than half of the adult population who regularly […]

SPAR Reaches Wage Agreement in Hungary

Jan 9, 2020

SPAR Hungary Trade Ltd. and the Trade Employees' Trade Union (KASZ) agreed on wage development for 2020, according to a press release by the company. By convention, the SPAR Loyalty Program will continue to exist. What is new is the extension of the 13th month benefit system and the fact that the employee discount available […]

Trade Union Calls for Shorter Shop Opening Hours

Nov 12, 2019

The Independent Trade Union of Retail Workers (KDFSZ) has called on Budapest Mayor Gergely Karácsony to put forward a proposal limiting Sunday shop opening hours in Budapest, daily Magyar Nemzet reported. The trade union wants supermarkets with a floor area exceeding 400 square meters to be open only until 2 pm on the last day […]

Growing Sales in Hungarian Retail Shops

Nov 6, 2019

In September 2019, the volume of sales in retail shops in Hungary increased by an annual 6.3%, according to raw data, and by 5.8% when adjusted for calendar effects. The country’s Central Statistical Office reports that the volume of sales, adjusted for calendar effects, rose by 3.0% in specialized and non-specialized food shops, by 8.6% […]

Retail Sales Increase in August

Oct 4, 2019

The volume of sales in retail shops increased by 5.8% in August from a year earlier, according to data adjusted for calendar effects, Hungary's Central Statistical Office reports. Sales rose by 3.4% in specialized and non-specialized food shops, by 9.8% in non-food retail shops and by 4.3% in automotive fuel retailing. In January–August, the volume […]

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