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EC Approves Commercialisation of Richter Preparation

Nov 2, 2023

The Hungarian pharmaceutical company Gedeon Richter Plc. - together with Sumitomo Pharma America, Inc. and Sumitomo Pharma Switzerland, GmbH - has announced on the website of the Budapest Stock Exchange that the European Commission has granted approval of a Type II Variation application for RYEQO® (relugolix 40 mg, estradiol 1.0 mg, and norethisterone acetate 0.5 […]

Budapest in Pink to Support Breast Cancer Awareness

Oct 8, 2023

Several sights and buildings in Budapest, including the Chain Bridge and the Mol Campus were illuminated pink this Sunday to call attention to the international campaign to popularize screenings to prevent breast cancer in the framework of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, held each year in October. Pink October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month worldwide. For […]

Get into Smoke-Free Shape Too!

Sep 21, 2023

This year's campaign of the Hungarian Scientific Association of Harm Reduction and Environmental Diseases and fü aims to raise awareness of the individual's choices and to help people to develop a lifestyle with less environmental risk through expert trainers, with individual training plans and practical examples, the initiative's promoters announced on Thursday in connection with […]

TritonLife Group Opens Private Hospital in Miskolc

Jun 8, 2023

The TritonLife Group has opened a new private hospital in Miskolc, NE Hungary, with a HUF three billion investment, the Hungarian-owned private healthcare provider told MTI on Thursday. In their statement, they emphasized that it was for the first time that the National Public Health Center granted a license to an integrated private healthcare institution […]

Sensitive Health Data to be Protected by CyberShield

May 16, 2023

To improve cybersecurity in the healthcare sector, KiberPajzs [‘CyberShield’], which is already working well in the financial sector, will be set up in Hungary. To this end, the Center for Health Management Training and the National Cyber Defense Institute have signed a strategic agreement, the two organizations told MTI on Tuesday. In their statement, they […]

Scarlet Fever Infection Spreading in Hungary

May 9, 2023

According to the National Public Health Center (NNK), the number of people infected has been increasing week by week since January. In the first week of January, 33 new cases of scarlet fever were registered, 140 in February and almost 200 in March. In the first half of April, the number of infected people halved, […]

Large Diagnostic Imaging Center Opens in Veszprém

Apr 14, 2023

The TritonLife Group has opened the first imaging diagnostic center in Veszprém in the North Balaton region, equipped for special examinations, the private healthcare provider informed MTI on Friday. According to the statement, the center was equipped with the most modern technology and TritonLife spent one billion HUF on its development. The 680-square-meter diagnostic center […]

Coronavirus Hereditary Material Concentration Rises

Apr 6, 2023

The average concentration of the SARS-CoV-2 hereditary material in wastewater is rising, the National Center for Public Health (NNK) said on its website. As they wrote, the trend is rising in the supply area of the Budapest Central Wastewater Treatment Plant, in the agglomeration settlements around Budapest, as well as in Győr, Kaposvár, Pécs, Salgótarján, […]

Flu-Like Illnesses: 38,000 Hungarian Patients Last Week

Feb 9, 2023

Last week, 38,000 people were diagnosed with flu-like illnesses, according to reports from doctors participating in the surveillance service, the National Center for Public Health (NCHR) said in its weekly report on Thursday. According to the report, in the fifth week of the year, 244,000 people went to the doctor with symptoms of acute respiratory […]

Influenza Spreading in Hungary: Some Hospitals Closed

Jan 29, 2023

After Szeged in the southeast and Nagykanizsa in the southwest, a visiting ban has been imposed in the hospitals of Békés county due to the spread of the flu epidemic. Currently, Békés County is the fastest spreading county in Hungary. Due to the rise in influenza-like illnesses, a ban was first imposed on inpatient wards […]

Almost 24,000 People Diagnosed with Flu-Like Illnesses

Jan 26, 2023

Close to 24,000 people visited the doctor with flu-like symptoms last week, according to reports from doctors participating in the surveillance service, the National Public Health Center (NNK) said in its weekly report on Thursday. It said that in the third week of the year, 185,400 people went to the doctor with symptoms of acute […]

Health-Protecting Dairy Products by MATE and Fino Food

Jan 22, 2023

A HUF 1.8 billion project, supported by EU funds, between the Kaposvár campus of the Hungarian Agricultural and Life Sciences University (MATE) and the dairy company Fino Food Ltd. will produce food products that will be available on store shelves next year, MATE informed MTI in a press release. Quoting the managing director of Fino-Food […]

Influenza Spreading Faster in Hungary

Jan 13, 2023

Influenza-like illnesses have reached epidemic levels in Hungary, and an outbreak of respiratory giant cell virus (RSV) is also underway, the national public health officer has announced. Presenting the epidemiological data, Cecília Müller said that in the first week of the year (between January 2 and 8) almost 162,000 people went to the doctor with […]

World Cancer Walk in Budapest

Jan 8, 2023

The Hungarian League Against Cancer organized a march from Batthyány square along the River Danube to Margitsziget (Margaret Island) this Sunday as part of the international World Cancer Walk. The march was led by the president of the Hungarian League Against Cancer, Balázs Rozványi. The event is part of a 24-hour world walk involving more […]

More and More Hungarians Experience Flu-Like Symptoms

Jan 6, 2023

According to the reports of the doctors participating in the monitoring service, in the 52nd week of four working days, almost 13,000 people went to the doctor with flu-like symptoms, the National Center for Public Health (NNK) has announced in its weekly report. They wrote that between December 26 and January 1, 134,000 people in […]

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