Covid-19 patient cared for in the Szent Imre Hospital in Budapest

280 Covid-19 related Deaths in Hungary

Eight people died of the Covid-19 disease in Hungary in the past 24 hours, raising the official number of deceased in the current pandemic to 280 in this country. The confirmed number of people infected with the coronavirus grew by 83 and now stands at 2,583. About 13% of them are healthcare workers according to Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller. There are 9,829 people in compulsory home quarantine and 498 recovered. The official number of samples tested in an accredited laboratory in this country of 9.8 million people is 65,625.

Explaining the proper use of masks, the chief medical officer briefly discussed how surgical masks prevent the spread of disease, while special FF3 masks protect those wearing them from contracting one. “It’s important to wear the mask properly so that it covers both the mouth and the nose while being as tight as possible,” she noted, adding that washing your hands is mandatory before and after wearing a mask.

Responding to a question, she said that the testing of a new form of blood-plasma treatment is underway: Although the test subject is in stable condition, more time is needed to know how effective the treatment may be.


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