Reopening a café in Ráday street in Budapest

Another 11 Die of Coronavirus in Hungary

Eleven people died of the novel coronavirus in this country in the past 24 hours, according to the Covid-19 information website of the government, bringing the official death toll to 462. In the meantime, restrictions have been eased in Budapest, as well.

The confirmed number of people currently infected with the coronavirus in Hungary is 1,683 (939 in Budapest and Pest County + 734 in the rest of the country) and 1,400 people (857 + 543) are registered as recovered. Of the 462 deceased, 361 were from Budapest and Pest County and 101 from elsewhere in the country. Nationwide, there are 10,388 people in compulsory home quarantine. The official number of samples tested in an accredited laboratory by the authorities in this country of 9.8 million people is 137.243 - the number of people tested has not been disclosed.

During this Monday's Operational Group press conference, Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller pointed out that "while movement restrictions are now lifted across the whole country, regulations must still be observed.” She added that those who have passed away from the virus have typically been above the age of 60, with most deaths occurring in patients above 80.

“An increase in positive coronavirus cases has been registered over the last few days,” Cecília Müller said, highlighting the importance of observing new regulations even after the lifting of movement restrictions. Discussing the reboot of regular healthcare services, she said that “planned surgeries, treatments for chronic disease and non-public health screenings have now restarted.”

Also at the daily press conference this Monday, Police Lieutenant Colonel Róbert Kiss stated that wearing masks in shops and on public transport will still be compulsory. The 9-12 a.m. window for those above 65 to shop will also stay in force. However, public parks and spaces, as well as outdoor playgrounds, can be used beginning today.

All shops and businesses may now reopen, and customers can use the terraces and gardens of restaurants and cafés. Until September 1, Kiss added, these businesses will not have to pay for the usage of public spaces.


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