Inspection in a Békés County elderly home

Hungary: Official Number of Pandemic Deaths Exceeds 350

As of today, the presentation of data on the official government information page provides numbers for Budapest and Pest County as well as for the rest of the country separately.

The confirmed number of people infected with the coronavirus now stands at 2,054 (1,290 in Budapest and Pest County + 764 in the rest of the country). There are 630 people (319 + 311) recovered and 351 (276 + 75) deceased. Nationwide, there 10,459 people in compulsory home quarantine and. The official number of samples tested in an accredited laboratory by the authorities in this country of 9.8 million people is 83.958.

According to Chief Medical Officer Cecília Müller, Hungary has now entered a new phase in the defense against the coronavirus. Curfew measures and shop restrictions will remain in place in Budapest and in Pest County but will be eased in the rest of the country, where it will be possible to open and visit all shops, outdoor baths, museums and zoos.

In related news, passengers arriving at Budapest’s Liszt Ferenc International Airport, which saw the relaunch of some flights from May 1, will undergo a compulsory medical test upon arrival. Depending on the test’s result, they may be taken to hospital quarantine or ordered to stay in home quarantine for 14 days.


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