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IATA trainings at Budapest Airport

Apr 13, 2018

Budapest Airport and the International Air Transport Association (IATA) have concluded a partnership agreement. As a result, some of the international trainings organized by IATA can be held in the Hungarian capital, at Budapest Airport.

Magnus Sentinel Fusion aircraft | Magnus Aircraft

Aeroplane manufacturing plant to be built in Pécs

Aug 25, 2017

Hungarian-owned Magnus Aircraft Cls. is building an aeroplane manufacturing plant in Pécs, southern Hungary. The Hungarian government is contributing approximately 40% of the costs, (HUF two billion) in non-returnable funding.

Production at Diehl Aircabin Hungary Ltd. | source: Diehl Aircabin Hungary Ltd.

Diehl Aircabin investment in Hungary

Jun 23, 2017

German aviation industry supplier Diehl Aircabin is expanding its existing capacities in Nyírbátor, NE Hungary with an investment of EUR 120 million (appr. HUF 37 billion). the Hungarian government is providing HUF 1.38 billion in funding.

CEO of RUAG Aerostructures

RUAG expands with new division in Hungary

Mar 1, 2017

RUAG Aerostructures, a major player in the aerospace industry, opened its new factory in Eger, NE Hungary. It is the Switzerland-based aircraft section producers third plant to complement the ones in Germany and Switzerland.

Measuring the size of the VNIR radiator for the Sentinel-2 satellite at Hungary's ADMATIS Ltd. | János Vajda / MTI

Hungarian parts for Earth monitoring satellite

Mar 24, 2016

Hungary's ADMATIS Ltd. has designed and procured mechanical and thermal equipments for a high resolution Multi-Spectral Imaging Instrument, such as brackets for electronics (with radiators), thermal shields and baffles for the satellite Sentinel 2.

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