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Passenger Traffic Recovering at Budapest Airport

Feb 9, 2022

January produced good figures at Ferenc Liszt International Airport. Recovering passenger traffic is already approaching 60% of the pre-pandemic level of 2019, while the volume of air cargo has remained stable at over 15,000 tons, according to the airport's latest bulletin. In the first month of the year, a total of 562,635 passengers used Budapest […]

Budapest Airport: Increasing Passenger, Cargo Numbers

Jan 18, 2022

Budapest Airport closed its second year of operation under the heavy impact of the coronavirus. In the current environment impacted by the pandemic, passenger traffic still only reached one-third of its pre-pandemic level on an annual basis, while over half of its pre-pandemic level if we consider the past several months, the company's latest press […]

More Passengers and Stable Cargo Traffic at BUD Airport

Oct 21, 2021

Although the summer is over, September has not discouraged travelers from getting on a flight. The passenger numbers measured during the first month of the fall confirm that September’s pleasantly warm days have encouraged people to visit European cities, and even to fly to more distant destinations. 639,051 passengers used Ferenc Liszt International Airport in […]

Budapest Airport: Passenger Traffic Down, Cargo Booming

Feb 10, 2021

Budapest's Ferenc Liszt International Airport handled 66,148 passengers during the first month of 2021, registering a 94.3% drop compared to the same month of the previous year when the coronavirus pandemic had not yet appeared in Europe. As the latest bulletin by the airport management company Budapest Airport points out, the tightening of regulations and […]

Historic Low Traffic at Budapest Airport

Oct 8, 2020

The border closure from September 1 and the strict rules of border crossing have had a major impact on passenger traffic at Ferenc Liszt International Airport. The number of passengers using the airport dropped to the level of last June again: this September, Budapest Airport handled 88,173 passengers in total, which is a 94.2% reduction […]

Passport check at Liszt Ferenc International Airport in Budapest

Growing Traffic at Budapest Airport

Aug 8, 2020

Compared with the previous month, passenger traffic at Liszt Ferenc International Airport grew threefold in July: while 84,781 passengers used the airport in June, this figure increased to 304,596 in July. Although this represents an 81% drop versus July 2019, the latest data clearly demonstrates the gradual return of propensity to travel, thanks to new […]

Facilitating the Flow of Air Cargo

Mar 31, 2020

The International Air Cargo Association (TIACA) is reporting that results are being achieved in the efforts to facilitate flow of air cargo in the world through the work of a specially created by ICAO “COVID-19 Technical Group”. Its objective is in joint actions by the aviation industry related to COVID-19, and it also includes experts […]

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