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Re-excavations at the Site of the Battle of Mohács

Aug 18, 2020

The re-excavation and further scientific study of the mass grave No. 3 at the venue of the 1526 Mohács battle has begun with the help of anthropologists and archaeologists. The archaeologists of the Janus Pannonius Museum in Pécs are working in the area of the Mohács National Memorial, the site of the battle in 1526 […]

Bronze Age Objects Found on Tram-Train Route

Aug 5, 2020

About 8,000 objects were discovered during the excavations on the route of the would-be tram-train between Hódmezővásárhely and Szeged, the oldest finds are from the Bronze Age. Experts from the János Tornyai Museum of Hódmezővásárhely carried out small archaeological excavations at eight sites along the route, and their experiences are preserved in tens of thousands […]

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