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Budapest-Balaton Bike Route Reaches Lake Balaton

Aug 26, 2022

The newest section of the bicycle path connecting the capital with Lake Balaton between Székesfehérvár and Balatonakarattya has been opened. Thus, cyclists can reach the shores of Lake Balaton from Budapest by bicycle on the more than 100-kilometer-long road section. The new 27.4-kilometer-long section is reported to make it easier for people living in the […]

Self-Illuminating Bicycle Path

Nov 14, 2020

As an experiment, illuminated particles were mixed into the pavement of the Danube bicycle path on a distance of 230 meters at Esztergom. Thanks to the technical solution, it is more convenient and safer to use the otherwise unlit road in the evening and at night. Cyclists can easily follow the trail after sunset and […]

Budapest_Szentendre bicycle path

Budapest-Szentendre Bicycle Path Completed

Sep 19, 2020

With a 5,6-kilometer section inaugurated, the bicycle path has been completed between Budapest and Szentendre, a town of historical architecture and popular tourist destination north of the capital. Most of the section, 3,380 meters are new cycle path, 1230 meters were repaired and the existing cycle path was upgraded. In addition, a bicycle bridge and […]

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