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I Bike Parade in Budapest

Apr 23, 2022

Starting out from the City Park, thousands of people cycled through the Hungarian capital on Saturday afternoon, with the traditional parade the aim of which, according to organizers and participants, was campaigning for more and safer cycle lanes. Following a tradition that started in 2004, participants stood up for cycling improvements. The event was secured […]

Get on the Bike and Explore More of Hungary!

As an environmentally conscious citizen, active transportation is very important to me. It is a way to reduce our impact on the environment while maintaining an active lifestyle that integrates physical exercise in our daily activity. These modes of transportation also bring important economic and social benefits, from infrastructure investment to sustainable urban planning, to […]

Shortage of Spare Parts Hinders Bicycle Production

May 23, 2021

The popularity of cycling has been further boosted by the coronavirus epidemic, while the shortage of spare parts is expected to curb bicycle production in Hungary this year, Róbert Sipiczki, President of the Hungarian Cycle Industry and Trade Association, told the Hungarian state news agency MTI. In 2020, 390,000 bicycles were produced in Hungary, the […]

Cross-Border Bicycle Rental System

May 20, 2021

The bike rental system, which is shared by five Slovak and four Hungarian municipalities, is in many ways a real breakthrough, with 85% of the costs paid for by the European Regional Development Fund. The bicycle rental system called KOMBIbike has been inaugurated in Tata, west of Budapest. In 2020, the National Bringapark Program saw […]

Balassagyarmat bicycle museum

Hungary's First Bicycle Museum in Balassagyarmat

Jun 21, 2020

The country's first bicycle museum opened this Saturday in Balassagyarmat, northeast of Budapest. In the collection, visitors can follow the development history of bicycles, from the oldest foot-operated treadmills to modern racing bikes. Founder Miklós Olexa, president of the Ipoly Tour Association, which runs the museum, told the Hungarian news agency MTI that among the […]

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