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Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH)

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It’s a Life-And-Death Fight to Save the Earth

May 11, 2022

Climate change is now a matter of fact. Numerous pieces of data support the claim that human impact is having an unquestionable impact on this negative process. However, we have the tools, and we have the opportunity to reverse these effects – we just need to prepare for this serious fight. That is according to […]

Attila Chikán Jr. Re-elected as BCSDH President

Feb 23, 2022

The Electing General Assembly of the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH) has elected a Board for another three-year term. During the six-year presidency of Attila Chikán Jr., 50 new companies joined the organization, which now brings together 115 companies producing 30% of Hungary's GDP and has become a benchmark in the field […]

Circular Economy Summit Organized by BCSDH

Nov 25, 2021

Implementing the strategies for achieving a circular economy would reduce global greenhouse gas emissions by 39%. How to achieve climate goals through the circular transition? – this burning issue was at the heart of the fourth Circular Economic Summit, which was held with the participation of almost 150 people this Thursday. The world as a […]

‘Fit for 55’ CEO Consultation

Oct 26, 2021

At the request of the Net Zero Advisory Board, established in this January, the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH), together with the British Embassy, held a unique ‘Fit for 55’ CEO consultation. Company leaders and business sector representatives were able to meet and consult with Dr. Barbara Botos, Deputy Minister of State […]

Climate-Neutral Economy Is the Only Way

Oct 8, 2021

"Vision 2050 – Time to Transform outlines how systemic change is needed and sets out a new framework, with nine transformation pathways,” WBCSD director Julian Hill-Landolt said at BCSDH’s annual Business Lunch. The professional program of the event focused on accelerating systemic change and transition to a climate-neutral economy. Global average temperatures are already 1.2°C […]

BCSDH Sets Race to Zero Program as 2021 Priority

Feb 24, 2021

Following last year's regional consultation, the General Assembly of the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH) held its annual meeting this week and hosted as guest speaker the President-CEO of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development (WBCSD) Peter Bakker who gave a presentation on 'Making stakeholder capitalism real and rewarding' to nearly […]

Aiding the Economy to Become Carbon Neutral by 2050

Jan 26, 2021

The Net Zero Advisory Board has been formed in a uniquely wide collaboration with renowned experts, the primary goal of which is to promote and accelerate the process by which the Hungarian economy can become carbon neutral by 2050, thus taking an important step to stop climate change. The Advisory Board is a cross-sectoral collaboration […]

How Can We Achieve the Net Zero Target by 2050?

Dec 4, 2020

In a unique collaboration, the embassies of six countries and the Hungarian Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSDH) have teamed up with the support of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology to help accelerate the transition to a carbon-neutral economy in Hungary by 2050, thus taking an important step to tackle climate change. The purpose […]

Regional Cooperation and Action is Needed

Nov 30, 2020

The circular economy involves a number of tools and complex systems for making the food supply more sustainable, which is one of the most effective things we can do to tackle climate change and rebuild biodiversity. The recently held third Circular Economy Summit focused on food and biodiversity and provided a number of corporate and […]

‘Race to Zero Carbon’

Jul 2, 2020

Leading domestic companies from several industries demonstrated their good examples and commitments, thereby encouraging domestic companies to make similar ambitious commitments towards a carbon-neutral economy at the online ‘Race to Zero Carbon’ event held this Thursday. The purpose of the event, organized by the Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH), the British Embassy, […]

Regional Management Consultation on Sustainability

Feb 28, 2020

At the invitation of BCSDH (Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary), a Central and Eastern European Regional Executive Consultation was held with the participation of corporate leaders, regional executives and leaders of professional organizations. Under the professional guidance of Filippo Veglio, Director of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, participants discussed the role […]

Freek van Eijk, Director of the Holland Circular Hotspot

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Sándor Laczkó
Dec 16, 2019

Transitioning to a circular economy is one of the leading business opportunities of our era. Although the core concept is not yet thoroughly understood or followed by most economic actors, the use of this model can increase the resilience of the world economy and facilitate the achievement of the Paris Climate Change Agreement and the […]

BCSDH President Attila Chikán

A value creating community

Oct 10, 2017

The Hungarian Business Council for Sustainable Development (BCSDH) celebrates its ten-year anniversary. On this good occasion to look back, Diplomacy&Trade talked to the President of the
organization, Attila Chikán, Jr.

The guest speaker of the BCSDH Jubilee Business Lunch

BCSDH Jubilee Business Lunch

Oct 2, 2017

The Business Council for Sustainable Development in Hungary (BCSDH) organizes a Jubilee Business Lunch at the launch of its yearly Action 2020 Hungary recommendations and the 10th Anniversary of BCSDH with a futurist as the keynote speaker.

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