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I Bike Parade in Budapest

Apr 23, 2022

Starting out from the City Park, thousands of people cycled through the Hungarian capital on Saturday afternoon, with the traditional parade the aim of which, according to organizers and participants, was campaigning for more and safer cycle lanes. Following a tradition that started in 2004, participants stood up for cycling improvements. The event was secured […]

Campaign to Popularize Hungarian Sparkling Wine

May 10, 2021

The National Council of Wine Communities (HNT) is promoting the conscious, moderate consumption of Hungarian sparkling wine on the World Wide Web, the organization told the state news agency MTI on Monday. The campaign entitled ‘Pezsegj szabadon!’ (Sparkle freely!) is financed by the HNT and managed by the Artvertising Group. Creative director Gergely Nagy said […]

Tree Planting to Commemorate the School Years

May 2, 2021

This weekend, in the days leading up to the matriculation exams, students were due to have their graduate ceremonies but not held due to the pandemic. A foundation is to plant tens of thousands of fruit trees to commemorate their years as students. According to data from the Education Office and the National Office for […]

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