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Identity-Seeking Photos by Tamás Dezső

Sep 20, 2022

Hungarian artist Tamás Dezső's exhibition ‘Hypothesis: Everything is Leaf', exploring the connections between the living world and man, will be on view at the Capa Center in Budapest from September 22 to December 23. The series, which explores the complex relationships of the living world, was inspired by the artist's philosophical studies and is seen […]

Nicolás Muller: The Committed Gaze

Jun 20, 2022

The exhibition – Nicolás Muller: The Committed Gaze – sheds light on the work of Nicolás Muller (Born Miklós Müller, Orosháza, Hungary, 1913 – died in Andrín, Spain, 2000). He spent most of his life in Spain and who was one of the leading figures of Hungarian socio-documentary photography and at the same time, he […]

Best Hungarian Press Photos of 40 Years on Display

Apr 20, 2022

Open to the public from this Thursday, the Capa Center – named after the world-renowned documentarist and war photographer Robert Capa (born as Endre Friedman) – hosts a compilation of Hungarian press photography exhibitions in celebration of 40 years of such exhibitions. “Since 1981, the press has changed, the political situation in Hungary has changed; […]

Art Facing a New World — at the Capa Center

Aug 12, 2021

How can art contribute to a more sustainable post-pandemic future? This is the question addressed in the exhibitions 'A Forged and Delicate Future and Of this World — Envisioning Alternative Cartographies', on show at the Capa Center between August 18 and September 19. The eleven lens-based artists featured in the exhibitions come from all over […]

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