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GreenGo Car Sharing Expands Service Area in the Capital

Feb 27, 2024

GreenGo has added five new locations to its existing service area in Budapest, making car-sharing more accessible to around 300,000 residents, GreenGo told MTI on Tuesday. GreenGo cars can now be parked, rented and locked in outer districts like Csepel, Pesterzsébet, Pesthidegkút, Budaörs and Budafok, for example. The company stressed that their vehicles can be […]

MOL Limo

More And More People Are Using Car-Sharing in Hungary

Feb 15, 2024

Driving habits are changing, with 25-30% more people using car-sharing last year than a year earlier, the Future Mobility Alliance told MTI on Thursday. According to their data, vehicles by the three big Hungarian carsharing providers – GreenGo, wigo and Mol Limo – have covered more than 70 million kilometers with their cars since their […]

Over 100,000 Users at the Wigo Car-Sharing Service

Jan 8, 2024

Last year, the number of users of Wallis Car Sharing Plc.'s service wigo increased by almost 30% to over 100,000, with customers covering 15 kilometers in an average 52-minute trip, for a total of 8 million kilometers, the same as in 2022, the company told MTI on Monday. According to the information sheet, the number […]

AutoWallis Group to Launch Own Mobility Service ‘wigo’

Oct 19, 2023

The AutoWallis Group is introducing a new brand to launch its own mobility service brand called wigo. Under the new brand, AutoWallis’s first service is wigo carsharing, which is being launched by former Share Now operator Wallis Autómegosztó. According to a statement by AutoWallis on the website of the Budapest Stock Exchange, clients of the […]

MOL Limo

More and More People Prefer Carsharing to Own Car

Sep 2, 2023

Last year, car-sharing services covered some 23 million kilometers, and hundreds of thousands of people have already signed up for the services of three carsharing companies, GreenGo, ShareNow and Mol Limo, according to a summary from the Future Mobility Alliance. Experts say the growth will continue this year, as while in the past it was […]

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