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Center for Budapest Transport (BKK)

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Hydrogen-Powered Bus Being Tested in Budapest

Mar 17, 2022

A Solaris hydrogen-powered bus is being tested in the capital by ArrivaBus Ltd., the operator of the Center for Budapest Transport (BKK). The vehicle, which will produce water instead of exhaust gas, will be available to the Budapest public on the No. 105 bus line between March 16 and 18. The bus can be test […]

Innovative Transportation Services for the Blind

Dec 8, 2020

Budapest Airport and the Center for Budapest Transport (BKK) have joined the transnational initiative DANOVA, a project of innovative transportation services for blind and partially sighted passengers in the Danube Region. DANOVA is a transnational cooperation project financed from the Interreg Danube research and development program of the European Union, aimed at making airports, ports, […]

Budapest Public Transport to Go Back to Normal

Jun 14, 2020

With the easing of the coronavirus epidemic, the front part of the buses and trolleybuses in the Hungarian capital will no longer be cordoned off from Monday, June 15, 2020, thus allowing passengers to keep a greater distance from each other by making full use of the passenger compartments of vehicles. A statement by the […]

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