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Orbán: "the West has Moved to Central Europe"

Jul 23, 2022

The West is fighting a war against Central Europe, and Brussels, together with [billionaire George] Soros troops, wants to "force immigrants on us," Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán said on Saturday at the Bálványos Free Summer University and Student Camp held annually in Băile Tușnad, Romania (Tusnádfürdő in Hungarian). The Prime Minister stressed that the […]

Social(i)Makers Project in Hungary

May 20, 2020

In the framework of the Social(i)Makers project, an international partnership of seven countries can create a Central European social innovation network whose members implement socially useful ideas. In the framework of this project implemented as part of the Interreg Central Europe Program, local pilot programs have been carried out in all participating countries over the […]

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