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Nicolás Muller: The Committed Gaze

Jun 20, 2022

The exhibition – Nicolás Muller: The Committed Gaze – sheds light on the work of Nicolás Muller (Born Miklós Müller, Orosháza, Hungary, 1913 – died in Andrín, Spain, 2000). He spent most of his life in Spain and who was one of the leading figures of Hungarian socio-documentary photography and at the same time, he […]

Javier Valdivielso Odriozola

From Cervantes to Almodóvar

Sándor Laczkó
Nov 27, 2019

Instituto Cervantes, a public entity established by the government of Spain in 1991, has been promoting Spanish language and culture in Hungary for 15 years. Headquartered in Madrid and Alcalá de Henares - the hometown of writer Miguel de Cervantes -, the institute is a bastion of Spanish and Latin American culture worldwide. In Hungary, […]

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