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What Worries Hungarians?

Jul 31, 2020

The state of healthcare, financial/political corruption and poverty – these are the three biggest worries of Hungarians according to a new international poll by Ipsos. 56% Hungarians worry about health problems (this being the highest value globally), but corruption (54%, also the highest value in the world) and poverty (49%, third highest value after Russia […]

International Weightlifting Federation Leaves Budapest

Apr 24, 2020

The Acting President of the International Weightlifting Federation (IWF), Ursula Papandrea is expected to move the headquarters of the organization as soon as possible to Lausanne, Switzerland as the relocation is underway from the IWF offices in Budapest, home city of outgoing President Tamás Aján who resigned on allegations of corruption. “The Executive Board has […]

| source: Transparency International Hungary

TI Hungary recognizes investigative journalist

Jan 12, 2018

Transparency International Hungary has rewarded the exploration of corruption in the municipality of Ferencváros with the Göbölyös Soma Prize. The author of the winning entry, a series of articles was Dániel Ács, a journalist at the news portal


Hungarians feel powerless against corruption

Nov 18, 2016

According to the Hungarian people, corruption is an increasingly serious problem, while the number of those who believe that one can act against it is on the decline, the Global Corruption Barometer of Transparency International (TI) says about Hungary.

Bribery is still widespread |

Corruption permeates Hungarian economy

Apr 19, 2016

The perception of bribery and corruption among corporate executives has not changed meaningfully over the last four years, according to the 14th Global Fraud Survey by Ernst & Young. In Hungary, this ratio is well above even the regional average at 66%.


EU still concerned about corruption in Hungary

Mar 4, 2016

Corruption affecting public decisionmaking, public healthcare and public procurement remained a cause of concern in Hungary, the European Commission said in its latest country report cited by the Hungarian financial website

US Ambassador Colleen Bell speaking at the anti-corruption Átláccó festival in Budapest | Sándor Laczkó

Átláccó conference on corruption

Dec 9, 2015

On International Anti-Corruption Day, Transparency International Hungary (TI) organized its Átláccó (Transparent’) festival in Budapest on the theme of public procurement, the distribution and supervision of EU funds, and the abuses related to these.

Money from hand to hand |

Overpriced EU projects in Hungary

Nov 9, 2015

Projects financed from European Union funds in Hungary are “routinely overpriced”, according to the report “Corruption risks of EU resources in Hungary” by Transparency International Hungary, that monitors and publishes corporate and political corruption.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán on the football pitch |

Corruption risks in Hungarian sports financing

Oct 26, 2015

Spectacle sports in Hungary have been given HUF 200 billion state tax support with a lack of transparency. That has been revealed by Transparency International in its latest report "Corruption risks in the Hungarian sports financing," presented in Budapest.


Authorities should crack down on corruption!

Oct 28, 2014

According to Transparency International Hungary, the Hungarian government and the prosecution service should launch an immediate investigation into the corruption allegations expressed by the United States. TI has published a global survey on corruption.

TI activists move pebbles - symbolizing corruption-related issues - from dirty to clean water | Dávid Harangozó

Youth should be educated against corruption

Dec 10, 2013

Young people consider important honesty, but they do not always think it pays off. This is why there is a need to educate ethics to them. This was pointed out at the "Átláccó" festival held by Transparency International Hungary the International Anti-Corruption Day.

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