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Payment Fraud: People Not Careful Enough

Mar 27, 2023

People are aware of the methods of payment fraud, they are afraid of becoming victims of fraud, but they do not consciously protect themselves against it, according to a representative research commissioned by OTP Bank. Almost all respondents have heard of some form of banking fraud and 81% fear becoming a victim of cybercrime. Although […]

Hungarian businesses underestimate the dangers of phishing

Apr 22, 2022

Phishers are increasingly targeting micro, small and medium-sized enterprises while the vast majority of these businesses are still unaware of how vulnerable their own IT solutions are and how much damage an incident can cause. According to a recent survey, the greater part of small businesses do not pay enough attention to protection against phishing, […]

Cybercrime is growing dynamically in Hungary

Jan 14, 2022

Hungarian businesses and individuals are not spared by the global rise in cybercrime. In a worrying development, artificial intelligence has now appeared in the arsenal of cyber criminals. Experts warn that vigilance and a highly professional IT system are indispensable if companies are to have a standing chance in this battle. The rise in cyber […]

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