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Technological Progress May Bring About New Security Risks

Apr 13, 2024

With the spread of artificial intelligence (AI), information security experts' tasks now extend to managing the security risks associated with it, as intelligent devices and AI-enabled process automation also represent new exposures, the audit and consulting firm Deloitte said in a statement sent to MTI. Gergő Barta, chief AI expert in Deloitte's cyber defense practice, […]

Deloitte: Financial Managers More Optimistic

Apr 9, 2024

Financial leaders in Central Europe are significantly more optimistic about 2023, with an improvement in the business environment in particular, but also a positive shift in other areas, according to a survey published by Deloitte on Tuesday. In a survey summarizing the views of Central European finance executives, Deloitte asked more than five hundred regional […]

16 Hungarian Firms Awarded Best Managed Status

Oct 2, 2023

This year 16 Hungarian companies received the Best Managed rating in the Deloitte Private global business mentoring program, the international consulting firm told MTI on Monday. The Best Managed Companies program is Deloitte Private's global business mentoring program, which was created to support and recognize local, privately held companies. In Hungary, the Deloitte Private Business […]

Competitiveness Through Research and Development

Jun 21, 2023

Many companies in Hungary are unaware that their activities may qualify as research and development (R&D) activities, which could qualify them for tax breaks or cash grants to boost their competitiveness, Deloitte said in a statement sent to MTI. R&D is based on some scientific or technical uncertainty, and is also a novel and methodical […]

M&A Market: Record Number of Transactions Last Year

Jun 12, 2023

The global market for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) set a new record for the number of deals in 2022, but the total value of deals was 30% lower than in 2021, according to a new study by the accounting firm Deloitte. The number of transactions hit a decade high, with 44,765 deals last year, up […]

Successful Companies See Their Employees as Partners

Apr 15, 2023

Companies that view their employees as partners and work with them to create sustainable work models that enable employees to get the best out of themselves are the ones that can succeed, according to Deloitte's Global Human Resources Trends 2023 research, the results of which were released to MTI. The business and management consulting firm […]

Survey: Companies Threatened by Wave of Redundancies

Feb 27, 2023

Companies in many countries around the world, including Hungary, are threatened by a significant proportion of employees quitting their jobs, according to a Deloitte survey, the findings of which were published in a statement on Monday. The consultancy firm pointed out that in Hungary, the situation is similar to international trends, with 57% of domestic […]

COVID-19 Impact on CEE Region Banks

Sep 16, 2020

Fortunately, a strong banking sector in Central and Eastern Europe faced the constraints of the COVID-19 epidemic. However, there is a lot of uncertainty about the long-term outlook. The regional survey by the consulting firm Deloitte researched how financial institutions see their own future. “It has been several months since the start of the economic […]

Patients to Become Consumers

Jul 9, 2020

Digitization and the mass emergence of data-based services will fundamentally change the way healthcare operates within two decades, says a global consumer survey on health trends by the consultancy firm Deloitte. Patients will become consumers who are proactive in their own health. They find out what services they can use and then work with their […]

Shopping center in Budapest

Special Tax for Multinational Retail Chains in Hungary

Apr 16, 2020

The Hungarian government wishes to put some of the burden of handling the coronavirus pandemic by levying special taxes on banks and retail chains. The latter mainly concerns the multinational retail chains present in Hungary as the Hungarian store chains were made exempt from this tax by the government, according to a new study by […]

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