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Hungarian MPs take their oath at parliament's inaugural session | Attila Kovács /MTI

New parliament's inaugural session

May 8, 2018

A month after the April 8 general elections, the new Hungarian parliament held its inaugural session this Tuesday. The ruling party Fidesz and its satellite partner KDNP have a two thirds majority in the 199-seat assembly.

MTA President László Lovász |

MTA does not form an opinion in political issues

Oct 17, 2016

The Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) does not form an opinion in political issues. That is according to MTA's President in reaction to an open letter signed by 28 MTA members to formulate a view on what they consider anti-democratic processes in the country.


Poll: Budapesters reject organizing Olympics

Sep 9, 2016

Less than one third of those polled in Budapest would like to see the Hungarian capital organize the 2024 Summer Olympic Games, with 37% rejecting the idea. In the meantime, a question has been approvedabout a national referendum of hosting the Games.

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán (on the left) celebrating the country's Basic Law's passing by his party 5 years ago while the opposition Democratic Coalition protested against it in the Buda Castle for the reinstament of a legal state in Hungary | Tamás Kovács and Zsolt Szigetváry / MTI

Hungarian constitution: celebration and protest

Apr 25, 2016

The Hungarian governing parties have celebrated the 5th anniversary of the country’s new constitution, the Fundamental Law, At the same time, a few hundred people protested against the Law and the plan to move PM Viktor Orbán's office to the Buda Castle.

| Szilárd Koszticsák/MTI

Hungarian PM evaluates 2014

Feb 27, 2015

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has held his 17th annual evaluation speech this Friday. He claimed that “our flag is flying high; everyone can see that. Everyone can see that we are a people’s party community, based on Christian-democratic foundations."

Hungarian PM Viktor Orbán evaluating 2013 | Gergely Botár

PM Orbán's evaluation of the year 2013

Feb 17, 2014

“Hungary's economy has produced the best results in more than ten years, with the country arriving at the threshold of a great era of prosperity,” Prime Minister Viktor Orbán claimed this Sunday. The opposition said his speech “lacked reality."

Gyula Horn in Hungarian Parliament during his prime ministerial term (1994-98) | Attila Kovács / MTI

Former Prime Minister Gyula Horn Dies

Jun 19, 2013

Former Hungarian Prime Minister Gyula Horn, who played a key role – as Foreign Minister – in bringing down the Iron Curtain by letting East Germans cross the border to Austria, has died at the age of 80 after spending over six years in hospital.

| MTI / Péter Kollányi

Hungarian PM holds ’state of the nation’ speech

Feb 7, 2012

Hungarian prime minister Viktor Orbán held his annual speech on Tuesday, saying that Hungary now stands on new foundations, which he called an “irreversible fact”. Opposition parties dismissed his views as lies that are distant from reality.

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