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DT January 2011

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Judit Virág |

Going, going, gone

Alica Árvay
Feb 11, 2011

Judit Virág is one of the most acknowledged art-dealers and art historians. Her establishment, the Virág Judit Gallery and Auction House, is one of the bests that focuses on 19th and 20th century art and the high period of Zsolnay porcelain.


Outlook: Contemporary Art Treasure

Mészáros & Szabó
Jan 28, 2011

The current peak season of auctions at the art market has brought a few recognitions to which participant’s expectations need to be readjusted to be financially successful. Experts and art appraisals analyze the year’s new outcomes.

Gödöllõ | Dávid Harangozó

The Year of Central Europe?

Tamás Magyarics
Jan 24, 2011

It is sometimes a widely shared belief that the country fulfilling the presidency of the EU can pursue its own interests. Nothing can be farther from the truth - says international relations expert Tamás Magyarics in article for Diplomacy & Trade.

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