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Danube InGrid Project Continues

Jun 16, 2022

The renewal of the electricity network is continuing in the framework of the Danube InGrid project, a Hungarian-Slovak cooperation, with priority developments in Budapest and Pest County, as well as in the North-Eastern Hungary region, in the second phase of the program, which is now starting. Speaking at Thursday's public online consultation on the program, […]

Being Sustainable Is Mandatory

Jun 10, 2021

More than a hundred satisfied corporate e-fleet clients have driven over 3,000,000 kilometers without a single drop of gasoline. If we calculated with an average 99 g/km CO2 emission this would spare almost 300 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Ten loaded trucks could deliver these 300 tons! Sounds promising, but Zsolt Jamniczky, member of the […]

Innovative Energy Storage System

Dec 12, 2020

The E.ON Hungária Group has developed an innovative energy storage system, unique at European level, in Zánka at Lake Balaton. With the help of the mobile storage system, the electricity produced with renewable resources can be stored flexibly and used according to the given needs. In addition, this solution makes connecting solar systems to the […]

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