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Emerson Expands Manufacturing Facility in Eger

Dec 8, 2021

The American global industrial software and engineering company Emerson has carried out a capacity-building investment in Eger, NE Hungary in order to meet automation needs for global customers. As a result of the project worth USD 14.7 million, a building of 10,500 square meters was constructed, which means new offices and additional production server units […]

Street Music Contest in Eger

Oct 4, 2020

Since 2015, every year young entrepreneurs of Eger, NE Hungary, organize a contest for musicians with a grand prize of EUR 3,000. During the five days of the festival, more than 150 musicians play in 15 locations of the historical downtown to win the prize.  This year's event was postponed from the original summer date […]

Eger Connected to National Motorway Network

Jul 20, 2020

The M25 motorway connecting Eger with the M3 motorway was handed over to motorists this Monday. The 19-kilometer section, built in two phases, cost about HUF 50 billion. Driver can use the M25 road free of charge until January 1, 2021 after which it becomes part of the national toll road network. The road and […]

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