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Elections in Hungary

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Ballot with party list for the Hungarian parliamentary elections | Zoltán Máthé /MTI

Hungarian parliamentary elections this Sunday

Apr 7, 2018

Hungarians go to the polls this Sunday, to elect members of the national assembly. Eligible voters will elect 199 members of the national assembly in one round: 106 of them from single-member constituencies and 93 from national lists of political parties.

Lajos Rig | György Varga / MTI

Radical party candidate wins by-election

Apr 13, 2015

With 99.13% of the votes counted, Lajos Rig, candidate of the radical right-wing party Jobbik is set to win the Veszprém county No. 3 constituency by-election ahead of his governing Fidesz party candidate with the joint center-left candidate finishing third.

The winner of the Veszprém by-election in Hungary

Opposition candidate wins by-election

Feb 23, 2015

Zoltán Kész, an independent candidate supported by the left-wing opposition, won a seat in Hungarian parliament in Sunday's by-election. It means that the ruling Fidesz party (along with its small satellite Christian Democrats) no longer have a two-thirds majority.

| Dávid Harangozó

Municipal elections in Hungary this Sunday

Oct 10, 2014

8.170.413 people are eligible to vote in 3.177 settlements (including 169 towns with over 10.000 inhabitants) at this Sunday’s municipal elections in Hungary. In Budapest, mayor István Tarlós is challenged by four candidates.

| Zsolt Szigetváry/MTI

Former PM on hunger strike over election draft law

Sep 10, 2012

Former Hungarian Prime Minister Ferenc Gyurcsány and three of his associates began a week-long hunger strike in frpnt of Parlaiment in a protest against the Orbán government’s plans to reform the election system by requiring advance voter registration.

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