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EP elections in Hungary set for May 26

Mar 1, 2019

People in Hungary will go to the polls to elect their representatives in the European Parliament (21 seats allocated for the country) on Sunday, May 26, 2019, the President of the Republic János Áder announced this Friday.

The heads of the national election authorities with the composition of the new parliament. | Lajos Soós /MTI

Governing parties retain power in Hungary

Apr 9, 2018

According to unofficial results (based on 98,96% tally of the votes), the ruling party Fidesz and its satellite partner KDNP have won two thirds of the 199 seats in Hungarian parliament at the general elections held this Sunday.

Zsolt Fekete (on the right) after winning the mayoral post in Salgótarján | Péter Komka / MTI

Opposition wins another midterm election

Feb 28, 2016

A candidate by the Hungarian Socialist Party (in opposition in parliament), supported by other leftist and liberal parties, won the race for the post of mayor in the town of Salgótarján, north of Budapest, beating that of the nationally ruling Fidesz party.

Election party at the British Embassy in Budapest | source:  British Embassy

British Embassy holds election night party

May 8, 2015

The British Embassy in Budapest hosted a party Thursday night on the occasion of the general elections in the United Kingdom in the Embassy building. Guests were invited by the new Chargé d’Affaires of the Embassy, Theresa Bubbear.

Budapest mayor István Tarlós celebrating election victory | Szilárd Koszticsák / MTI

Governing party wins local elections also

Oct 13, 2014

With only 43% of those eligible to vote, the governing party Fidesz won the most mayoral positions and local government seats at Sunday's municipal elections on Sunday. In Budapest, István Tarlós retained his mayoral position against a fragmented opposition.

| Dávid Harangozó

Municipal elections in Hungary this Sunday

Oct 10, 2014

8.170.413 people are eligible to vote in 3.177 settlements (including 169 towns with over 10.000 inhabitants) at this Sunday’s municipal elections in Hungary. In Budapest, mayor István Tarlós is challenged by four candidates.

EU elections 2014 | Alexis Haulot/EU2014

Business as Usual?

Tamás Magyarics
Sep 12, 2014

As our international affairs analyst suggests, the future of the EU could be decided by 5 million Scots. In a recent analysis for Diplomacy & Trade, he looks at the possibilities of the 'yes' and 'no' outcomes of the September 17 Scottish referendum on independence.


Low turnout at the EP elections in Hungary

May 26, 2014

Less than 29% of the electorate voted at the EP elections in Hungary this Sunday. 12 of the 21 Hungarian seats were won by the governing Fidesz, with Jobbik, the Socialists, the Democratic coalition, the Together PM and LMP also passing the 5% threshold.

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