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ALTEO and AutoWallis Coordinate E-mobility Services

Jul 7, 2021

ALTEO and AutoWallis have signed a strategic cooperation agreement to coordinate their e-mobility services in the future. The agreement between the two companiesis based on their commitment to sustainable and transparent operations and the transition to a green economy. The agreement also covers the sale of innovative energy solutions for charging e-cars. The cooperation agreement […]

Luxury and Sustainability – Mercedes-EQ

Jun 11, 2021

As the inventor of the automobile, Mercedes-Benz also takes responsibility for the future of mobility. Customers of Mercedes-Benz traditionally expect safe, comfortable and dynamic cars in premium quality. However, environmentally friendly solutions are more important than ever. Sustainability is now an integral part of the business strategy of Mercedes-Benz. Mercedes-Benz has been working for decades […]

Being Sustainable Is Mandatory

Jun 10, 2021

More than a hundred satisfied corporate e-fleet clients have driven over 3,000,000 kilometers without a single drop of gasoline. If we calculated with an average 99 g/km CO2 emission this would spare almost 300 tons of greenhouse gas emissions. Ten loaded trucks could deliver these 300 tons! Sounds promising, but Zsolt Jamniczky, member of the […]

Switching to Electric Car: It Won't Be a Shock

Jun 9, 2021

Many people are clearly thinking about making their next car or one of their family car purchase electric. Electric cars are not the answer for everyone, but there are reassuring answers to many of the concerns. The most frequent question is ‘Will an electric car suit me?’ and the answer is: if you don't regularly […]

Samsung SDI for a Green Future

Jun 7, 2021

The Korean company with its plant in Göd, north of Budapest, focuses on younger generations and sustainable solutions. Samsung SDI todayAlong with the footmarks of Samsung SDI, starting from Vacuum Tubes in 1970, super-large PDP, high-tech CRTs and to Digital displays, today, Samsung SDI is the Creative Leader of Technology and Market on the Foundation […]

A Knowledge Base for Green Transport

Sándor Laczkó
Jun 4, 2021

A full-coverage high-power charging infrastructure is essential for driving forward electromobility. As a pioneer and innovator in electric mobility, Siemens has global experience, a strong portfolio along the value chain and is an active participant in shaping and promoting standardization for EV charging solutions worldwide, for buses and cars as well. Siemens has been shaping […]

Greener Transport for Better Climate

Sándor Laczkó
Jun 3, 2021

Less than two years ago, the Ministry of Innovation and Technology declared that it is of primary national economic interest for Hungary to join the developments generated by electric cars and to be at the forefront in the introduction and dissemination of innovative technologies (Ányos Jedlik Plan 2.0). “The Hungarian government has recognized the population's […]

Work in Linamar's Békéscsaba factory

Linamar Starts up with Electro-mobility in Békéscsaba

Feb 13, 2020

Canadian automotive company Linamar establishes its European electro-mobility center in southeast Hungary. The partially-independently developed electric powertrains of the firm will be manufactured in Békéscsaba for premium category cars. The two units (located in Orosháza and Békéscsaba), involved in the EUR 78 million investment program, will create 250 long-term, competitive jobs in the coming years. […]

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