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Ukraine to Import Gas from the EU through Hungary

Dec 22, 2021

Hungary has reached an agreement with Ukraine to supply natural gas to its northeastern neighbor with guaranteed capacity from January 1 next year, Serhiy Makokhon, CEO of the Ukrainian Gas Transmission System (HTS) has announced. The Ukrainian side signed a cooperation agreement with the Hungarian gas transport company FGSZ on the guaranteed supply capacity. Under […]

Energy Sector Prepared for the Winter Months

Dec 1, 2020

The supply of consumers was ensured during the heating period, as by the end of the storage period, more than 6.4 billion cubic meters of natural gas were available in the storage facilities, and on the last day of the autumn, on November 30, there were plenty of 6 billion cubic meters. However, a statement […]

Adriatic LNG terminal - a possible naval destination for American gas to Central Europe | source:

Central Europe requests American gas supply

Mar 10, 2014

The ambassadors of the V4 countries to the United States have made a plea to U.S. House Speaker John Boehner for the United States to export natural gas to Central and Eastern Europe to ease the region’s dependence of gas supply from Russia.

Hungarian Foreugn Minister János Martonyi at the 'Energy Security and Diplomacy in 2013' conference in Budapest | Dávid Harangozó

Energy security today's biggest challenge

Aug 26, 2013

Creating the conditions for energy security is among the biggest challenges facing countries today, Hungary's foreign minister János Martonyi told the international conference "Energy Security and Diplomacy in 2013" in Budapest on Monday.


Proposal to redraw the energy landscape

Alica Árvay
Jan 28, 2011

A proposal by the head of the parliamentary group of the governing Fidesz to cut state subsidies for renewable energy is being reviewed by the Ministry of National Development. The draft would alter agreements already negotiated by the Ministry.

New alternative gas route to Hungary |

New alternative gas route to Hungary

Sándor Laczkó
Sep 15, 2010

Hungarian premier Viktor Orbán and the presidents of three other countries concerned have signed an agreement on the Azerbaijan-Georgia-Romanian Interconnector (AGRI) project which involves the transporting of Azeri natural gas through Georgia and Romania to Central Europe.

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