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EP elections in Hungary set for May 26

Mar 1, 2019

People in Hungary will go to the polls to elect their representatives in the European Parliament (21 seats allocated for the country) on Sunday, May 26, 2019, the President of the Republic János Áder announced this Friday.


Low turnout at the EP elections in Hungary

May 26, 2014

Less than 29% of the electorate voted at the EP elections in Hungary this Sunday. 12 of the 21 Hungarian seats were won by the governing Fidesz, with Jobbik, the Socialists, the Democratic coalition, the Together PM and LMP also passing the 5% threshold.

Member of the European Parliament

EU Parliament condemns Hungarian government

Jul 3, 2013

The European Parliament says Hungarian authorities must remedy any breaches of key EU values swiftly. If they fail to do so, EP leaders should consider asking the Council of the EU to determine,whether there is a clear risk of a serious breach.

| Philippe Sautier/MTI/European Parliament

Hungary is called on to respect basic EU values
Feb 16, 2012

The European Parliament will draw up a report on whether EU laws and values are respected in Hungary. It will then decide whether to activate EU Treaty Article 7, which is used to investigate a clear risk of a serious breach of EU common values.

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