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Royal Academy of Arts London | courtesy of Royal Academy of Arts

Londoners falling for Budapest

It seems that the exhibition ‘Treasures from Budapest’ at London’s Royal Academy of Arts is a surefire block-buster. Visited by 5,000 people in one weekend, the show proves to be so popular that it might take a European tour next year.

Gábor Zsazsa |

Zsa Zsa Gabor in serious condition

Hungarian-born, legendary actress Zsa Zsa Gabor continues to show signs of improvement, after she was given her last rites in hospital on Aug 15. Her spokesperson says she is "still bed ridden but is eating a little, talking a little and sleeping a lot."

Photoespana 2010 |

About Time!

Time is the main theme of the 13th edition of Photoespana 2010 (PHE10). The festival features an exhibition on Hungarian-born artist László Moholy-Nagy as a main attraction.

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