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Ferenc Liszt International Airport

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European Aviation Problems Also Affect Budapest

Jun 30, 2022

The onset of the summer season, the dynamic growth of post-Covid air traffic and the unprecedented staff shortage across Europe is creating huge challenges for airports across the continent. For weeks now, there have been reports of flight cancellations, delayed departures and arrivals, and ground handling disruptions. Thus, Budapest Airport, the management company of the […]

Budapest Airport: Over a Million Passengers in May

Jun 14, 2022

Ferenc Liszt International Airport reached its highest passenger volume in two years in May, with passenger traffic exceeding one million during the fifth month of the year, according to the latest airport bulletin published by the airport management company Budapest Airport. To be precise, 1,095,597 passengers used Budapest’s main airport in May, an increase of […]

Budapest Airport Moves into Minipolisz

Jun 1, 2022

Budapest Airport, the operator of the Hungarian capital's Ferenc Liszt International Airport, opened a 120-square-meter airport playground at Minipolisz, on Király Street in downtown Budapest. From the last day of May, children will be able to try themselves as airport workers at the mini-city, where the airport environment will be complemented by a duty free […]

Pandemic: Second Loss-Making Year for Budapest Airport

May 23, 2022

EUR 25 million more in revenues and 22 million EUR less in losses – this is a concise summary of Budapest Airport’s financial year 2021. Despite a 20% increase in passenger traffic last year and a 36% increase in air cargo volume compared to 2020, the company operating Ferenc Liszt International Airport ended the second […]

April: Nearly a Million Passengers at Budapest Airport

May 12, 2022

April was a record month for the Hungarian capital's Ferenc Liszt International Airport in the sense that it achieved the highest passenger numbers in the 25 months since the outbreak of the pandemic. In the fourth month of the year, a total of 997,454 passengers used the airport, bringing the annual number of passengers to […]

More E-Chargers Installed at Budapest Airport

May 10, 2022

Sustainability is a key focus area for Budapest Airport, the operator of Budapest's Ferenc Liszt International Airport, and, within that, e-mobility is one of the six most important pillars. This is why the airport operator has been placing a strong emphasis for years on the development of an electric charging network, both inside and outside […]

Budapest Airport Awards its Partners

Apr 29, 2022

Budapest Airport, the operator of the Hungarian capital's Ferenc Liszt International Airport, presented its partner awards at a grandiose gala event similar to previous years. At the event organized in Terminal 1, the airport operator honored, among others, its most outstanding commercial, airline, environmental, cargo and media partners, who made a significant contribution to Ferenc […]

Increasing Passenger Numbers at Budapest Airport

Apr 12, 2022

The gloomy winter is over, spring is here and this is visible in the passenger numbers of Budapest’s Ferenc Liszt International Airport as well: it handled 176,000 more passengers in March compared to February, according to a statement by the management company Budapest Airport. With the arrival of the good weather, the propensity to travel […]

Budapest Airport Announces Summer Destinations

Apr 7, 2022

122 destinations and 112 cities are directly accessible from Budapest’s Ferenc Liszt International Airport in the 2022 summer season, with flights operated by 35 airlines. According to a press release by Budapest Airport about the summer schedule, Izmir, Turkey, has become a new destination accessible directly from the Hungarian capital. Turkey’s third largest city is […]

Refugee Situation No Impact on Budapest Airport Traffic

Mar 12, 2022

Flights are arriving and departing seamlessly and as scheduled, passenger processes are continuing as usual at Budapest's Ferenc Liszt International Airport. Flights to Ukraine and Russia are still suspended, but the war in Ukraine is not affecting flights to other destinations. The airport operator 'Budapest Airport' says that together with the Airport Police Directorate, it […]

New Aeroplex Hangar Inaugurated in Budapest

Mar 5, 2022

The new hall will create almost 200 new jobs and significantly increase the company's capacity, Aeroplex's Managing Director, Árpád Demény said at the opening event. It is just as important that the development would enable them to offer airlines exceptional services at a European level, he added. According to Aeroplex, the construction of the 8,000-square-meter […]

Second Plaza Premium Lounge at Budapest Airport

Mar 2, 2022

Plaza Premium Lounge, an international company specializing in the operation of passenger lounges and hospitality, opened its second outlet at Budapest Ferenc Liszt International Airport at the beginning of March, the airport management company reports. The new, 200 square meter lounge is located in the non-Schengen area of Terminal 2, offers stunning runway views, 65 […]

Over HUF 70 Billion on Airport Developments in 3 Years

Feb 16, 2022

Developments at Ferenc Liszt International Airport are proceeding at a dynamic pace; in 2019, 2020 and 2021, Budapest Airport spent more than HUF 70 billion on capacity expansion, infrastructure and sustainability developments, as well as other background developments enhancing the passenger experience and digitalization. The results of these investments are also clearly reflected in passenger […]

Wing Buys Airport City Logistics Park

Jan 29, 2022

Hungarian real estate developer and investor Wing Plc. has acquired the Airport City logistics park, a business facility located next to Budapest’s Ferenc Liszt International Airport. The park is situated on a nearly 12-hectare plot of land comprising 44,000 square meters of modern warehouses and 8,000 square meters of office space in six existing buildings […]

Budapest Airport On Course Towards Zero Emissions

Jan 25, 2022

In 2021, Budapest Airport once again took huge steps to maintain its carbon neutral operations and achieve its sustainability goals. Last year, the company further reduced its direct carbon dioxide emissions, which are now half the level of ten years ago, while emissions per passenger were only one third of 2011 levels, the operator of […]

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