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Hungarian Interchurch Aid to Help Italian Flood Victims

May 21, 2023

The Hungarian Interchurch Aid (HIA) is supporting the victims of the flooding in northern Italy with HUF 3 million, the extraordinary donation will contribute to the humanitarian aid of the local community of Forli, the HIA told MTI on Sunday. They recalled that in recent days "the flood of the century" has caused unprecedented devastation […]

Flood Brings Municipal Waste to the Upper Tisza

Feb 9, 2021

With the flooding of the Tisza River, a large amount of municipal waste arrives on the upper reaches of the river again in northeastern Hungary. Staff of the Upper Tisza-Rural Water Directorate removes the floodwaters from Ukraine and Romania 24 hours a day with a partial bed closure. By last Sunday morning, a total of […]

Flooding on the Hungarian-Slovenian border near Rédics | National Directorate General for Disaster Management / MTI

Floods on the Hungarian-Slovenian border

Sep 15, 2014

Some 370 hectares are flooded near the Hungarian-Slovenian border in SW Hungary due to heavy rains in the past week. Streams have exited their bed and flooded roads, lands and houses as a result of which dozens of people have had to be evacuated.

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Floods rising, inland waters expanding

Dec 27, 2010

As a result of rain and melting snow, the local water management authorities reported rising river levels from north-eastern Hungary on Monday. Areas covered with inland water increase in various parts of the country.

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