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Foodstuff Prices are up in Hungary by over 34%

Aug 5, 2022

Looking back over the past 12 months, it seems that Hungarian shops have been hit by price rises in several waves. The first jump came at the end of last year, when annualized inflation suddenly jumped from 1-2% to around 10%, then from 10% to 20% in February-March this year, and in July the increase […]

SPAR: More Private Label Brand Items on the Shelves

Apr 12, 2021

Today, Spar Hungary sells a total of 3,600 own-brand products in its stores in 31 product categories in Hungary, and this year, the range will be further expanded, the store chain's communications manager, Márk Maczelka said on Monday. It is planned that 300 new own-brand products will be on the shelves, Márk Maczelka is quoted […]

Most Hungarians Spend Little on Foodstuff

Feb 3, 2021

Almost three-quarters of the population spends less than HUF 50,000 a month on food, a new poll suggests. A survey by Pulzus Research for the business news site also suggests that only three of 100 Hungarians have a monthly budget exceeding HUF 100,000. As writes, it is a natural reaction on the part […]

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