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Sustainable Jet Fuel Tested at Budapest’s Main Airport

May 10, 2023

The Hungarian oil and gas company Mol, the airliner Wizz Air and Liszt Ferenc International Airport are testing a Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) blend. The fuel was purchased by Mol from the Finnish company Neste. Wizz Air's flight to Paris took off on Wednesday filled with this fuel as part of the test. At the […]

Shell to Temporarily Close Gas Stations in Hungary

Jul 28, 2022

From Monday August 1, Shell will "temporarily suspend" the operation of five of its petrol stations in Hungary, including two in Budapest. According to a statement issued by the company on Thursday, the decision was taken "in response to the challenges of the tight supply of raw materials in the fuel market at a regional […]

Mol Danube Refinery Shuts Down for Maintenance

Jul 27, 2022

The planned maintenance of Mol's Danube Refinery will start this weekend, and production should resume in September at the earliest. Some petrol stations may experience temporary outages. Therefore, the company asks motorists to fill up only as much as they need to ensure that everyone has enough fuel. The current maintenance will guarantee that the […]

Hungarian Gas Stations Introduce 50-Liter Limit

Jun 24, 2022

In order to ensure customer service and the smooth operation of service stations, Mol, the operator of the largest gas station network in Hungary, has announced that from Friday, a maximum of 50 liters of fuel can be purchased at a normal pump at its filling stations instead of the previous 100 liters. The company […]

Hungary’s Strategic Reserves Available for Domestic Use

Jun 11, 2022

The Hungarian Ministry of Technology and Industry announced on Saturday that Hungary is releasing part of the country's strategic petrol and diesel reserves to secure domestic fuel supplies, helping to address the situation caused by the longer-than-planned shutdown of ÖMV’s Schwechat oil refinery near Vienna. ÖMV will replenish the released strategic gasoline and diesel reserves […]

Fuel Supply Shortages Show Disruptive Effect of Price Cap

Mar 11, 2022

Petrol stations across the country experienced fuel shortages this week in the face of record demand. The government-imposed price cap on motor fuel is forcing an increasing number of gas stations to close down. Long queues were forming at gas stations across the country this week and there is a growing number of petrol stations […]


Fuel prices to hit new high in Hungary
Dec 28, 2010

Hungarian energy group MOL is hiking the price of motor fuels further as of Wednesday, with the wholesale price of gasoline to rise by HUF 5 and that of diesel by HUF 6 per liter. The increase takes local prices to new all-time highs.

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