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Income Gaps Have not Narrowed in the Past Decade

Feb 17, 2021

Despite economic growth, the concentration of income of the Hungarian population has remained virtually unchanged over the past 10 years, according to the Central Statistical Office. In 2019 – as in 2010 –, the richest 10% had nearly a quarter (23%) of the total income of the population and the top 30% about half of […]

Business Climate Index Up but Still Low in Hungary

Jan 24, 2021

The GKI business climate index rose markedly in January. It has reached its highest level since the start of the epidemic, but made up just over half of its April fall. According to a survey conducted by the Budapest-based GKI Economic Research with the support of the EU, business and consumer expectations also improved in […]

2021 – How Big of a Recovery?

Jan 1, 2021

“It will be crucial when the protection of the population against infection can be achieved. If this is achieved in the first half of 2021, we expect the fastest economic recovery in Hungary in the last hundred years.” Even if the last half of this statement made earlier this week by the Governor of the […]

Economic Sentiment Index Rebounds in December

Dec 21, 2020

GKI’s economic sentiment index rose sharply in December. It almost reached its October level again, which was much more favorable than the April low, but had been at a fairly low level since the beginning of summer. According to the survey conducted by GKI Economic Research Co. with the support of the EU, the improvement […]

Economic Sentiment Index Below Pre-Summer Level

Nov 23, 2020

GKI’s economic sentiment index fell sharply in November, falling below its level in early summer. According to a survey conducted by Budapest-based GKI Economic Research Co. with the support of the EU, this is a consequence of falling business expectations. The consumer confidence index rose minimally recently, although due to its decline in the previous […]

Slight Increase in Economic Sentiment Index

Jul 30, 2020

After a shock-like fall in the outlook for domestic economic agents in April, there was a significant positive correction in May and June, according to GKI’s economic sentiment index. The economic sentiment index, prepared by the economic research institute GKI, rose only slightly in July, by two points, as a combined result of improving expectations […]

GKI Economic Forecast for 2020

Jul 10, 2020

The Hungarian economic research institute GKI currently expects the Hungarian economy to decline by 5-7 per cent in 2020 (assuming no second wave of the pandemic this year).  In March, shortly after the announcement of the coronavirus emergency, GKI forecast two scenarios: one with a 3% and another with a 7% decline in GDP this […]

Declining but Still Strong Pessimism

Jun 20, 2020

Although the GKI economic sentiment index rose by a larger extent in June than in May, it eliminated only less than half of its April fall. The consumer confidence index rose to a greater extent in May and the business confidence one in June.  According to the empirical survey conducted by the Hungarian Economic Research […]

Pessimism Continues in the Industrial Sector

May 25, 2020

In May, presumably as a result of the lockdown easing measures announced by the government, almost all sectoral and consumer confidence indices increased and eliminated one-third of their dramatic fall in April. However, pessimism in industry intensified further. GKI’s economic sentiment index rose by 5 points to -28 points after falling by 29 points in […]

The Virus has not Spared the Housing Market, Either

May 10, 2020

The expectations of housing companies clearly deteriorated in April 2020 compared to a quarter earlier – according to the survey of the Hungarian economic research institute GKI and Masterplast. The epidemic caused by the corona virus has crashed the already slowing housing market, so the outlooks have become much more modest. The value of Budapest […]

GKI economic sentiment index August 2017 | GKI

Economic sentiment index close to its peak

Aug 29, 2017

GKI’s economic sentiment index reached its historic peak in July. According to the empirical survey conducted by GKI with the support of the EU, the business confidence index fell slightly in August. However, consumer expectations increased a bit.


Property market outlook over its peak

Aug 9, 2017

In July, the GKI real estate indices for Budapest and Hungary stood at 1 and 0 points respectively. Both figures dropped slightly by one point, compared to the previous survey. Both indices went up 2 points, compared to the survey made one year earlier.

GKI economic sentiment index July 2017 | source: GKI

New economic sentiment index

Jul 31, 2017

GKI's economic sentiment index and the business confidence index have never been as high as now so far during its more than twenty years of history. The empirical survey was conducted by GKI with the support of the EU.

GKI economic sentiment index

Economic sentiment index at 10-year peak

Dec 19, 2016

After November, the GKI economic sentiment index rose again in December. According to
the empirical survey by GKI, business expectations increased slightly, whereas consumer ones went up more strongly, reaching their ten-year peak.

| GKI Economic Research Co.

Economic expectations hardly changed in June

Jun 23, 2014

After one and a half years of spectacular rise, the GKI-Erste economic sentiment index reached a peak in April. After a decrease in May, expectations improved slightly in the business sector in June, whereas the consumer confidence index continued to decline.

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