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Increasing Revenue and Profit at Graphisoft Park

Feb 22, 2023

In 2022, with a rental revenue of EUR 15.54 million, the Budapest industrial park Graphisoft Park achieved a pro forma net result of EUR 6.02 million, which is more than EUR 400,000 higher than the forecast published last November and 24% higher than our previous year's result. According to the company’s quarterly report published on […]

BSE: Graphisoft Shares to be Traded in Euros

Feb 6, 2023

The Budapest Stock Exchange Ltd. (BSE) suspended exchange trading in the ordinary shares of the issuer Graphisoft Park SE Real Estate Development European Company Limited by Shares from the beginning of Pre-Trading phase on February 13, 2023 until the end of the Post-Trading phase on February 14, 2023, a statement on the website of the […]

Graphisoft Park Reports Increasing Profits

Nov 8, 2022

The rental revenue for the first three quarters of 2022 reached EUR 11.59 million, and the pro forma net profit reached EUR 4.31 million, which is about 6% and 18% higher than the same period of the previous year respectively, according to the third quarter report published by the Budapest industrial park Graphisoft Park. The […]

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