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Hungarians Want to Get Rid of Russian Energy Dependence

Apr 20, 2022

More than three quarters of Hungarians believe that the country should produce its energy needs at home and not depend on other countries, especially Russian gas, according to a recent opinion poll commissioned by Greenpeace and conducted by the Policy Solutions Institute and ZRI Závech Research in the last week of March. Greenpeace therefore expects […]

Budapest Airport Purchases Green Energy

Sándor Laczkó
Jul 30, 2021

Budapest Airport purchased 840 Mwh of green energy, taking another step towards its sustainability objectives. The purchased electricity equals the monthly electricity consumption of 3,500 households of a family of four people. The electricity company ELMŰ-ÉMÁSZ issued a green certificate to the airport operator for this environmentally friendly decision. This document is provided to those […]

Biogas from Willow Wood at the University of Szeged

May 30, 2021

A biotechnological process that has been known for a long time and used all over the world has been extended and made more economical and environmentally friendly by the collaborative research groups of the Department of Biotechnology and the Institute of Plant Biology of the University of Szeged. According to the new recipe, willow is […]

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