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Hungary’s Health Care System under Unprecedented Pressure

Nov 13, 2020

Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s warning earlier this week that there is a 50% chance the country’s health care system may not be able to handle the pressure of the second wave of the Covid 19 epidemic rang alarm bells across Hungary. After announcing a set of stringent restrictions on movement, the premier is now backtracking […]

Hungary Starts Clinical Trials for COVID-19 Drug

Oct 16, 2020

Hungarian health authorities have given green light to the clinical trial of a coronavirus drug manufactured by local pharmaceutical company Richter Gedeon. The drug containing the antiviral agent remdesivir may thus become available to Hungarian patients. Remdesivir is the most effective drug known to date in the treatment of coronavirus infections. Hungary’s largest drug maker, […]

Settling a Long Overdue Debt

Oct 9, 2020

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán’s announcement that the government will throw its weight behind the massive salary increase proposed by the Hungarian Chamber of Doctors came as a huge surprise. Following the swift approval by Parliament of the bill regulating doctors’ salary increase, there is increasing doubt that doctors will accept the conditions set by […]

What Worries Hungarians?

Jul 31, 2020

The state of healthcare, financial/political corruption and poverty – these are the three biggest worries of Hungarians according to a new international poll by Ipsos. 56% Hungarians worry about health problems (this being the highest value globally), but corruption (54%, also the highest value in the world) and poverty (49%, third highest value after Russia […]

Patients to Become Consumers

Jul 9, 2020

Digitization and the mass emergence of data-based services will fundamentally change the way healthcare operates within two decades, says a global consumer survey on health trends by the consultancy firm Deloitte. Patients will become consumers who are proactive in their own health. They find out what services they can use and then work with their […]

General Healthcare Services to Resume

Jun 12, 2020

From Monday, June 15, all healthcare services can be provided without restrictions while maintaining anti-epidemic preparedness, the Minister of Human Capacities announced at a press conference in Budapest on Friday. Minister Miklós Kásler said that in the case of hospitals, this means that 80% of the beds previously set aside for the care of coronavirus-infected […]

Hungarian Medical Chamber Letter to the Prime Minister

May 31, 2020

"During the coronavirus epidemic, the Hungarian medical community, with the risk of their own lives and the lives of their loved ones, did their best, but at the same time, the epidemic highlighted that the structural and financial renewal of Hungarian healthcare has become urgent." That is how the letter, written by Dr. Gyula Kincses, […]

Hungarian Defense Forces Medical Center

UN Staff Wards Against Health Emergencies in Hungary

Jul 26, 2019

FAO, the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations, has signed an agreement with the Hungarian Defense Forces Medical Center in Budapest on delivering first aid trainings for United Nations staff members based in Hungary. The 100 participants will include largely fire wardens and administration team members, the ones who are the most often […]

FirstMed health clinic | Dávid Harangozó

A healthy business

Feb 21, 2019

Professional consultations, a welcoming and comfortable environment, central location and convenient end-to-end services – all this is provided by the highly-qualified and dedicated staff at FirstMed, the multi-disciplinary health clinic.

| GE

Hungarians help develop Olympic analytic system

Feb 13, 2018

Hungarian and American software engineers of GE Healthcare developed the analytic management system of the Olympic Winter Games.It allows doctors and healthcare professionals get real-time data on the health status, injuries and possible illness of athletes.

Operation in the Uzsoki Street Hospital in Budapest |

Wage hikes to slow down healthcare emigration

Aug 3, 2016

Wage hikes in Hungary’s health-care sector are expected to slow down the emigration of doctors and other staff, the Hungarian news agency MTI quotes the government daily 'Magyar Idõk'. The government hopes this move helps keep staff in Hungary.


Poor hospital conditions in Hungary

Feb 1, 2016

According to an internal report by Hungary's National Public Health and Medical Officer Service, over half of Hungarians needing hospitalization are admitted to medical facilities that lack adequate means for their treatment, the daily Népszabadság reports.

Tibor Stumpf

First lung transplant in Hungary - successful

Dec 19, 2015

The first Hungarian lung transplant operation - that took place on December 12, 2015 - was successful. The news was announced this Saturday in the National Istitute of Oncology in Budapest by the Director-General of the Institute, Dr Miklós Kásler.

Healthcare workers demonstrate for fair wage in Budapest | Zsolt Szigetváry / MTI

Healthcare workers protest in Budapest

May 12, 2015

Thousands of healthcare workers demonstrated in Budapest late Tuesday afternoon to call the government's attention to their "humiliatingly low wages". As the website [origo] calculated, the net hourly wage for nurses is below the price of a Big Mac.

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