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Third Level Heat Warning Issued for Three Days

Aug 16, 2022

A third level (the highest) of heat alert has been issued for the whole country from 00.00 hours on Wednesday till midnight on Friday by the National Chief Medical Officer, based on the forecast of the meteorological service, on the recommendation of the National Center for Public Health (NNK). In a joint statement, the NNK […]

Heat Record Broken in Hungary

Jul 24, 2022

Saturday was the hottest day of the year in Hungary so far, the country’s National Meteorological Service (OMSZ) reported on Sunday. Highs averaged between 38 and 39 degrees Celsius, with average temperatures exceeding 29-30 degrees Celsius over a large area, especially in the southeastern half of the country. On Saturday, the hottest temperatures were recorded […]

Heat Alert Issued Until Monday

Aug 14, 2021

Due to the persistent heat expected in the coming days, a heat alert has been issued for the whole country from Saturday to Monday by Cecília Müller, the national chief medical officer. A heat alert is issued if the daily mean temperature reaches or exceeds 25 degrees Celsius for at least three consecutive days. This […]

Code Red Weather Warning Issued in Hungary

Jun 22, 2021

The heat alert ordered by the National Medical Officer Cecília Müller has entered into force. According to the government decree, this is considered an exceptional weather situation and justifies the imposition of exceptional measures. According to the forecast of the National Meteorological Service, the heat will continue in the coming days, with a peak in […]

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