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Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA)

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Szeged Research May Help Early Detection of Tumors

Sep 1, 2022

The work of researchers in Szeged, SE Hungary, may in future allow specialists to diagnose early cancer with nano-gold injected into the body, the state news agency MTI learned from the Hungarian Academy of Sciences (MTA) this Thursday. According to the release, Edit Csapó Juhász, a researcher at the University of Szeged (SZTE) and her […]

New President at the Hungarian Academy of Sciences

Jul 7, 2020

Neurobiologist Dr. Tamás Freund has been elected as the President of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences following a 24-hour voting process this Monday and Tuesday. The academician replaces László Lovász, who resigned after six years, at the head of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences, founded in 1825 by Count István Széchenyi. The post of Secretary […]

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