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Hungarian forint (HUF)

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Hungary's Monetary Maneuvering: A Narrowing Path Ahead

May 24, 2024

In a move mirroring April's decision, the National Bank of Hungary once again trimmed key interest rates by 50 basis points this week. However, the monetary policy outlook beyond June remains clouded in uncertainty, with the central bank's cautious and patient approach suggesting a narrowing margin for further easing maneuvers. One more rate cut is […]

Hungary Navigates Monetary Easing Amidst Shifting Economic Tides

Sep 1, 2023

The Hungarian financial landscape witnessed yet another step in the ongoing monetary easing cycle as the nation's central bank announced a significant rate cut in August. With the ebbing pace of inflation creating room for further rate reductions, all eyes are now on the impending merger of the effective and base rates, set to occur […]

Forint Extends Slide, Hit by Hungary’s Budget Woes and Rate Cuts

Jul 7, 2023

The forint hit a losing streak this week, weakening to a two-month low against the euro, as investors got jittery over Hungary’s deteriorating finances and the central bank’s loosening monetary policy. Further interest rate cuts may add fuel to the fire, analysts warned. The Hungarian currency’s losses accelerated against the euro this week as markets […]

Forint Stages Spectacular Recovery from Last Year’s Weakness

Jan 20, 2023

The forint marched to considerably stronger levels against both the EUR and USD this year after being in a freefall in 2022. Experts believe the Hungarian currency has by now reached key technical levels and further significant strengthening may not be in the cards. The Hungarian currency has staged a spectacular comeback in recent weeks […]

EU’s highest interest rate in Hungary set to rise further

Sep 2, 2022

The National Bank of Hungary raised borrowing costs to an 18-year high this week, taking the European Union’s highest interest rate to 11.75%. Policy makers vowed to tighten monetary conditions further, in contrast with other central banks in the region. The Monetary Policy Council of the National Bank of Hungary delivered yet another massive interest […]

What awaits Hungary’s rollercoaster currency?

Aug 26, 2022

Hungary’s currency, the forint, has brokern numerous negative records against the euro and the dollar in recent weeks. The trend in currency markets is similar across Central and Eastern Europe (CEE) due to the war in Ukraine and the related sanctions, the forint has staged the steepest fall in the region. What could put a […]

Value of the Hungarian Currency Falls Again

Aug 16, 2022

The price of one euro (EUR) was 405 forints (HUF) by midday this Tuesday. The Hungarian forint started the week at HUF 392/EUR, and has been free-falling for the second day in a row, the business news site writes. The forint weakened sharply on Tuesday after Monday's plunge. At the end of last week, […]

Hungarian Inflation Soars, Could Peak at Higher Level than Seen Earlier

Aug 12, 2022

Hungarian consumer prices rose the most since 1998 on the back of soaring food costs. Analysts believe that inflation may exceed 20% as energy subsidies fade the war in Ukraine continues unabated. Hungarian inflation accelerated at the fastest pace in almost a quarter century in July, taking a heavy toll on household’s purchasing power and […]

Hungary set to slip into recession

Jul 29, 2022

Skyrocketing consumer prices, the looming energy crisis and the aggressive tightening of monetary conditions point in the direction of Hungary entering recession, according to economists. The country’s GDP growth will remain feeble next year as well. Hungary’s economy faces multiple risks of which some are triggered by international developments while others relate to domestic issues. […]

Hungarian forint: a glance at the reasons for the selloff

Jul 8, 2022

The Hungarian forint has been one of the weakest performing currencies worldwide amid an international selloff. Despite government reassurances that the fundamentals of the Hungarian economy are strong and sound, the forint remain under massive pressure. Diplomacy&Trade takes a look at the specific reasons behind the forint’s underperformance and how the currency’s weakness threatens the […]

Hungarian Forint: Another Negative Record vs. the Euro

Jul 5, 2022

The common European currency, the Euro crossed the HUF 409 mark on Tuesday afternoon, setting a new record. At the same time, the Euro also reached a new low against the US currency, which was at HUF 398 forints to the dollar at one point, the popular news site reports. On June 13, the […]

Hungary Delivers Steepest Rate Hike Since 2008 Global Crisis

Jul 1, 2022

The National Bank of Hungary delivered the biggest rate cut since 2008, surprising the markets with the size of the move. The monetary decision came after the forint weakened to levels never seen before. The Hungarian central bank raised the base interest rate by 185 basis points to 7.75% this week and policy makers aligned […]

HUF vs. EUR: Yet Another Historic Low for the Forint

Jun 27, 2022

The Hungarian currency, the Forint (HUF) fell to a historic low against the euro again on Monday: after 10 a.m., it suddenly started to weaken sharply from the morning level of around HUF 400, and shortly after a quarter to 11, it was HUF 403.85 to the euro. Minutes later, however, it crossed the HUF […]

Hungary Needs a Strong Forint

Jun 25, 2022

"It's time to say that a strong forint, not a weak one, is in the national interest", writes investment expert Viktor Zsiday in a post published this week, commenting on the weakening of the Hungarian currency HUF) in recent weeks. He is quoted by the business news site as saying that it should be […]

HUF Per EUR Rate Breaks Psychological Barrier

Jun 13, 2022

The Hungarian currency, the forint fell to an all-time low value against the euro as the exchange rate exceeded HUF 400 for one euro. The Hungarian currency also sank to a historic low against the US dollar on Monday. Analysts expect further deterioration in the value of the forint. "On Friday, the euro/forint exchange rate […]

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