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Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition

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Best Hungarian Press Photos of 40 Years on Display

Apr 20, 2022

Open to the public from this Thursday, the Capa Center – named after the world-renowned documentarist and war photographer Robert Capa (born as Endre Friedman) – hosts a compilation of Hungarian press photography exhibitions in celebration of 40 years of such exhibitions. “Since 1981, the press has changed, the political situation in Hungary has changed; […]

Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition 2020

Apr 16, 2020

The Photojournalist Section of the Association of Hungarian Journalists has announced the winners of the 38th Hungarian Press Photo Exhibition: András D. Hajdú and Bea Kovács, both of them freelancers. The Grand Prize of the Association of Hungarian Journalists went to András D. Hajdú for his series portraying the life of a segregated gypsy community […]

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