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Hungary Faces Economic Headwinds as Recovery Falters

Feb 16, 2024

Hungary's economic landscape has shown signs of strain, with the last quarter's performance failing to meet analyst expectations and casting a shadow over the 2024 outlook. Despite previous rebounds, the nation's economy hit a snag, marking a concerning pause in its recovery trajectory. The Central Statistics Office (KSH) revealed a stagnant year-on-year output in the […]

MNB Assesses Inflation Data for January 2024

Feb 9, 2024

In January 2024, inflation continued to fall at a rapid pace, the National Bank of Hungary (MNB) says in an analysis published this Friday. Consumer prices rose by 3.8% in annual terms, thus 34 months after March 2021 the price index fell back into the central bank tolerance band. Core inflation and core inflation excluding […]

2024 Likely to Be a Year of Stagnation

Dec 25, 2023

The year 2023 saw inflation peak for more than a quarter of a century and then fall sharply in the second half of the year. The hard part is yet to come, however, as disinflation could slow significantly in 2024, so there is a real risk that price rises could still be stuck at significantly […]

Latest Official Inflation Rate in Hungary: 12.2%

Oct 10, 2023

Consumer prices increased by 12.2% on average compared to same month of the previous year, prices of motor fuels rose significantly, food prices decreased compared to August, the Hungarian Central Statistical Office (KSH) reported this Tuesday. Consumer prices were 12.2% higher on average in September 2023 than a year earlier. In one month, consumer prices […]

Online Retail Gross Sales Up 8.8% in H1 2023

Oct 6, 2023

Online retailing achieved a gross turnover of HUF 631 billion in the first half of this year, 8.8% more than in the same period last year, according to the digital retailing survey by market research company GKID and Mastercard. The summary, says web sales grew 7.7% in the first quarter and 9.8% in the second […]

Central Bank Governor's Harsh Critique of Government Policies Deepens Divide

Sep 22, 2023

National Bank of Hungary President György Matolcsy's recent scathing criticism of the government's economic policies has further revealed the growing rift between monetary authorities and the ruling administration. In a candid and sharp-tongued address delivered at a conference this week, Matolcsy accused the government of pursuing a reckless economic strategy that has led to a […]

Hungary Braces for Possible 2023 Budget Adjustment Amid Economic Slowdown

Aug 25, 2023

As Hungary's economy faces headwinds, the government is preparing for a potential revision of its 2023 budget. The decision, which could have significant implications for the nation's fiscal strategy, will be made following the release of third-quarter economic data. The reassessment comes as the government acknowledges that its initial full-year growth projection has become increasingly […]

Hungary’s Technical Recession Longest on Record

Aug 18, 2023

Hungary unexpectedly plunged deeper into recession, recording the longest period of economic contraction in at least 28 years as the war in Ukraine and the government’s economic policy stifle growth. Despite government statements to the contrary, economists are warning that growth may not pick up in the second half of the year, leading to a […]

Hungarian inflation shaves off billions of household savings

Jul 21, 2023

The majority of household savings are in cash, due to high inflation we are experiencing a very serious loss of wealth, Hungarian households are losing several thousand billion forints due to inflation. As the annual inflation rate hovered just above 20% in June, the toll of skyrocketing consumer prices is adding up for Hungarians. Hungary […]

Annual Inflation Rate 20.1% in Hungary

Jul 7, 2023

Consumer prices were 20.1% higher on average in June 2023 than a year earlier, the Central Statisrtical Office (KSH) reports. According to a statement by the National Bank of Hungary (MNB), the 1.4% decrease compared to the prevous month was due to lower increase in the prices of food and industrial products. The highest price […]

Annual Inflation Rate at 21,5%, Monthly Rate Down

Jun 8, 2023

Consumer prices were 21.5% higher on average in May 2023 than a year earlier, MTI has quoted official figures published by the Central Statistical Office (KSH). In one month, consumer prices decreased by 0.4% on average. The highest price rises were measured for electricity, gas and other fuels as well as food over the last […]

Annual Inflation Rate in April: 24%

May 10, 2023

Consumer prices in Hungary in April were on average 24.0% higher than a year earlier. Over the past year, household energy and food prices rose the most, MTI reported on Wednesday based on data from the country’s Central Statistical Office (KSH). Compared to April last year, food prices rose by 37.9%, with dairy products (63.5%), […]

Hungary's Annual Inflation Rate Still Very High: 25.2%

Apr 12, 2023

Consumer prices were 25.2% higher on average in March 2023 than a year earlier in Hungary, the Central Statistical Office reports the official figures. The highest price rises were measured for electricity, gas and other fuels as well as food over the last twelve months. In one month, consumer prices increased by 0.8% on average. […]

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