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Dreamers of Dreams Exhibition in Budapest

Feb 14, 2022

With an exhibition entitled ‘Dreamers of Dreams 20 – World-renowned Hungarians, world-shaping inventions’, Millenáris celebrates Hungarian contributions to scientific milestones. Opening this Tuesday, the spectacular interactive exhibition showcases the inventions of nearly 600 Hungarian geniuses. Covering an area of almost 6,000 square meters, the exhibition covers 6+1 disciplines: mobility, medicine, industry, agriculture, infocommunication, the science […]

Hungarian Invention to Completely Degrade Plastic

Nov 3, 2020

Two young Hungarians produced a bacterium cocktail, unique in the world, which can break down any disposable plastic in seven weeks. They are now embarking on industrial testing, after Vespucci Partners in Budapest and American Techstars, one of the world's most renowned international accelerators, have also invested in a biotech startup called Poliloop, the Hungarian […]

Hungarian Innovation to Support Tuba Soloists

Oct 26, 2020

Since the tuba was invented, no such improvement has ever emerged as the innovation introduced by Roland Szentpáli and Zoltán Juhász that shall revolutionize the instrument. The newly developed mechanism now allows musicians to play the tuba stand-up and move freely on stage. The conversion from the traditional to the standing positioning takes only two […]

'Beyong Rubik's Cube' - an exhibition at the 40th anniversary of the Rubik's cube | Noémi Bruzák / MTI

Beyond Rubik's Cube

Apr 25, 2014

The Liberty Science Center in Jersey City, NJ in the United States hosts the exhibition ‘Beyond Rubik’s Cube’ held at the 40th anniversary of the invention of the Rubik’s cube by Hungarian architect and toy designer Ernõ Rubik.

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