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Businesses' Employment Intentions Have Strengthened

Mar 8, 2023

The employment intention of businesses has strengthened in Hungary, with around a quarter of firms planning to hire staff, while the share of those thinking of making redundancies is again below 10%, according to the K&H bank’s latest SME confidence index research. The statement highlights that companies are preparing for an average 11% salary increase, […]

K&H Bank's Profit Down 10% Last Year

Feb 20, 2023

K&H Bank's profit after tax decreased by 10% to HUF 67.6 billion in 2022, Attila Gombás, head of K&H Bank's financial division, said at an online press conference on Monday. He pointed out the decline was mainly due to the fact that their operating costs increased more than revenues, and the impact of special taxes […]

More Innovators among Larger Firms

Feb 3, 2023

Among medium and large companies, eight percentage points more firms reported in the second half of the year than in the first half of 2022 that they had introduced a new product or service or significantly improved its quality in the two years preceding the survey, K&H Bank said on Friday, based on its latest, […]

Slight Improvement in the Confidence Index of Companies

Jan 5, 2023

The confidence index showing the one-year expectations of Hungarian micro, small and medium-sized enterprises remained in the negative range in the last quarter, but the indicator improved by the end of the year, dropping from minus 14 in the previous quarter to minus seven points, K&H group highlighted in its announcement. According to the financial […]

Agriculture: Innovation and Digital Development

Jan 3, 2023

The agricultural sector is receptive to innovation and digital development, but farmers tend to be cautious in their use of these technologies, according to K&H Bank's innovation-based agricultural research told. In the research the results of which were sent to the state news agency MTI on Tuesday, the decision-makers responsible for innovation issues of 360 […]

The Majority of Young People Expect a Pay Rise

Dec 23, 2022

69% of young people under 30 who have a job expect a pay rise next year in Hungary, while only 6% fear a decrease, K&H Bank said on Friday, referring to its November survey. Despite the optimistic feedback, the K&H data shows that young people are also feeling the difficulties. In the previous quarterly survey, […]

K&H: Most Large Companies Still Expect HUF to Weaken

Dec 22, 2022

The majority of large companies' managers expect the Hungarian currency, the forint to weaken further until the summer, with almost all of them adversely affected by the exchange rate change, K&H Bank told the state news agency MTI on Thursday. According to their survey, 65% of respondents expect a weaker forint in the next six […]

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