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Gateways to Southeast Asia

Apr 3, 2012

An informal gathering, organized by the group Diplomatic Spouses Budapest (DSB), was recently hosted at the Residence of the Royal Thai Embassy, bringing Thailand and Laos into the focal point of interest for the Hungarian audience.


Laos, the Central Hub of Transportation

Rudolf Sárdi
Jan 3, 2012

Lao Minister of Industry and Commerce Dr. Nam Viyaketh delivered a presentation at the Lao Embassy in Vienna about the manifold possibilities and endless business opportunities the country can offer to future investors.

Buddha Park Vientiane |

The land of a million elephants

Ardor Fluids
Sep 16, 2010

Lan Xang, or the Land of a Million Elephants, as it is endearingly known among the peaceful residents of Laos, has recently evolved into a fashionable tourist destination and a country of endless possibilities among foreign investors, including Hungarian ones.

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